About the Ottawa Choral Lending Library

OCLL is a concept, launched in 2017, to help choirs in Ottawa and other Canadian communities share choral music resources as an option to purchasing, or to help find copies when something is no longer in print.

OCLL is not a physical library of music scores. (There is NOT a large warehouse of music waiting to be borrowed or rented.) Rather, it is a virtual site for participating choirs to share their catalogues, or lists of resources, with a facilitator who merges the lists together to provide ONE LIST of resources: music score titles, and which choir owns them. For example, the list might show that for sheet music "X", there might be 3 choirs that own different numbers of copies. This provides you, the interested searcher, with options: you might choose to buy the item for your collection, or borrow from the choirs identified in the list.

Other suggested resources: