OCLL's Distributed Library Catalogue

OCLL welcomes additional participating choir libraries.
For titles with leading articles ("A", "The", "Le", "La", etc.), please remember to check for entries both with and without these leading articles. (This is because different choirs list their music differently.)

100% chance of rainHorsley36Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
2 Songs on texts by Emily DickinsonKulesha, Gary30Musicata (Hamilton)
23rd psalmBrubeck2Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
A 20th Century Folk MassBeaumont, Rev. Geoffrey1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
A Babe is BornMATHIAS, William30Musicata (Hamilton)
A babe is bornBouman58Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A Babe is Born in Bethlehem Thiman168King Edward Choir (Barrie)
A Brown Bird Singing Barrie/Wood46King Edward Choir (Barrie)
A Cappella ChristmasShaw, Kirby Arr.79Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
A Carol For All Children Hailstork25King Edward Choir (Barrie)
A Celtic prayerPeters36Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A celtic thanksgiving (Strings)Martin35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A Ceremony of Carols Britten95King Edward Choir (Barrie)
A Child is Born Anderson87King Edward Choir (Barrie)
A child is born in BethlehemArcher51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A child is born in BethlehemScheidt50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A child was born in BethlehemBach13Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A Child's Book of BeastsBerger33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A child's palm SundayMacPhail39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A Child's PrayerAnderson8Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A Child's Prayer to the ShepherdFrance23Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A Christmas AntiphonalHopson44Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A Christmas CarollLEIGHTON, Kenneth45Musicata (Hamilton)
A Christmas fantasyGilbert38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A Christmas folk songBray33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A Christmas Gift Cramer35King Edward Choir (Barrie)
A Christmas MosaicLamb5Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A Christmas sequenceBach42Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A Dust of SnowBergs, Roger30Musicata (Hamilton)
A faithful shepherd is my LordNageli46Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A festive call to praise (Brass)Martin31Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A gaelic blessingRutter49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A gaelic blessingRutter40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A Gaelic Blessing Rutter2King Edward Choir (Barrie)
A gaelic graceSirett39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A gallery carolWarrell42Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A Girl's Garden Frostiana No. 5THOMPSON, Randall17Musicata (Hamilton)
A heavenly song is sungDickenson43Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A jubilant songPote45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A La Claire FontaineDeCormier57Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
A lamb goes uncomplaining forthDistler49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A Litany for AdventMcRae20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A lovely peaceHandel4Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A Maiden Most Gentle Carter86King Edward Choir (Barrie)
A Mighty Fortress is our God Darst72King Edward Choir (Barrie)
A Morning HymnFrance71Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A never-ending Alleluia (Brass)Willams36Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A New and Joyful Song of PraiseStaton32Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A new CreationClausen36Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A new psalmDrennan45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A Palm Sunday antiphonMorgan40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A parish magnificatSchalk51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A Patch of Old SnowBergs, Roger30Musicata (Hamilton)
A prayerScholin33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A Prayer Bridge83King Edward Choir (Barrie)
A prayer for familiesLovelace30Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A prayer for these daysParry10Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A Prayer of St. Richard of ChichesterWhite28Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A Psalm for todayMcAfee29Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A psalm of ThanksgivingDarke42Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A rose touched by the sun's warm raysBerger47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A Round of Three Country Dances Ravenscroft47King Edward Choir (Barrie)
A service of darknessWood33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A Shropshire LadGILLESPIE, Stuart P.24Musicata (Hamilton)
A Soft Light from the Stable Door Willan7King Edward Choir (Barrie)
A Song of AngelsHorman10Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A song of DavidButler50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A Song of PromisePowell15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A spring carol (flute solo)Ritchey51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A Touch of Christmas Nygard89King Edward Choir (Barrie)
A Tribute to Romberg arr.MacLean76King Edward Choir (Barrie)
A Virgin UnspottedBillings, William30Musicata (Hamilton)
A voice in the wildernessSherman47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
A Welsh NoelPerry14Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
ABBACourtney11Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
AbendliedANON 13Musicata (Hamilton)
Abendlied, Op. 69, No. 3RHEINBERGER, Josef35Musicata (Hamilton)
Abide with meBennett35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Abide With Me Jasperse76King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Abide With Me Monck58King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Above all praiseMendelssohn45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Above all praiseMendelssohn40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Above, On the Mountain Ehret93King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Ach, weh des LeidenHASSLER, Hans Leo29Musicata (Hamilton)
Acis and GalateaHandel, G.F.65Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Ad Dominum cum tribularerBYRD, William28Musicata (Hamilton)
adieu des BergersBerlioz, Hector75Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Adonai, AdonaiGlick, Srul Irving69Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Adoramus Te Gasparini162King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Adoramus Te ChristePalestrina22Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Adoramus te ChristePalestrina34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Adoramus te ChristePalestrina40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Advent of the Messiah (from Tulmud Suite) (12p)Robinovitch, S.106Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Advent Peace CanonPachelbel/Schram58Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Advice From Poor RichardJohnson, Albert Rykken61Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Ae Fond KissSmith, |Stephen arr.65Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Ae fond kiss (4 p)Kesselman, L.R./Burns,R.52Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
African celebration (22 p)Hatfield, Stephen77Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
African MassLuboff, Norman6Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
African noelThomas34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
African Noel Lewis96King Edward Choir (Barrie)
African sanctus (percussion)Harlan33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
African star carolBarrett18Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Agnus DeiBARBER, Samuel Musicata (Hamilton)
Agnus Dei Winter's DreamHalley, Paul65Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Ah, thou poor worldBrahms45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Ain't Got Time to Die (16p)Johnson, Hall29Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Aina That Good NewsDawson, William L.69Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Ain't got time to dieJohnson13Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Ain't Got Time to DieJohnson, Hal55Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Body DownTraditional, arr. Caldwell, Paul & Ivory, Sean64Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Ain't no rock gonna shout for meLarson34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
AlelluiaCaswell, James88Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Alepun (A Spanish Christmas Carol)Martinson9Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Alfred Burt Carols, (sets 1, 2, 3) Burt56.68.70King Edward Choir (Barrie)
All Creatures Now Are Merry MindedBENNET, John33Musicata (Hamilton)
All creatures of our God and King (orch)Kloppers63Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
All earth is waiting (Toda la Tierra)Taulè27Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
All Glory, laud and honourRossel58Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
All Glory, laud and honourBach/Teschner35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
All Good thingsWagner8Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
All hail the power of Jesus nameHamer44Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
All in the April eveningRobertson18Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
All in the April EveningRobertson20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
All in the April Evening Roberton25King Edward Choir (Barrie)
All is WellSmith, Michael W.62Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
All My Heart This Night RejoicesStroopes, Randall30Musicata (Hamilton)
All My Heart This Night Rejoices Mueller98King Edward Choir (Barrie)
All My TrialsChilcott, Bob65Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
All on a Starry NightWillliams, Graham57Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
All Poor Men and HumbleKelly, Bryan74Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
All praise and thanks to GodPachelbel35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
All praise to him who came to saveNicolai/Wagner35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
All that hath life and breathClausen33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
All they from Saba shall comeBACH, J.S.24Musicata (Hamilton)
All things are yours, my GodSchalk51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
All Things Bright & BeautifulBevell35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
All things Bright & BeautifulRutter1Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
All Things Bright and BeautifulRutter, John85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
All Things Bright and Beautiful Rutter7King Edward Choir (Barrie)
All this timeWalton38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
All Through the Night arr.Luboff91 + instrs.King Edward Choir (Barrie)
All Too Soon Hatfield79King Edward Choir (Barrie)
All too soon (13 p)Hatfield, Stephen79Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
All Ye Who Music Love Donato/Oliphant82King Edward Choir (Barrie)
All You Need Is LovePaul McCartney & John Lennon arr. Alan Billingsley75Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
AlleluiaWhitacre13Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
AlleluiaTHOMPSON, Randall24Musicata (Hamilton)
AlleluiaWhitacre, Eric30Musicata (Hamilton)
AlleluiaThompson47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Alleluia Thompson88King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Alleluia! Gloria!Music51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Alleluia! Our Lord is risenCarter43Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Alleluia! Our saviour has arisen (Trumpet, Triangle)Bisbee51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Alleluia! Sing Praise (Cantata 142)Bach, J.S.7Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Alleluia! This is the dayHillert50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Alleluia, AlleluiaGovenor20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Alleluia, lobet den HerrenSchütz, Heinrich1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Alleluia, praiseCherubini50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Alleluia, praise the LordWienhorst49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
AllelujaMozart, W.A.25Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Alleluya PsallatASTON, Peter30Musicata (Hamilton)
Alma RedemptorisLASSUS, Orlando27Musicata (Hamilton)
Alma Redemptoris Mater (Gregorian Chant)ANON (Transcribed/Arr. J. Laing)3Musicata (Hamilton)
Almighty and Everlasting GodGibbons40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Almighty and Everlasting GodGibbons/Fellows35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Almighty God, which has me broughtFord40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Almighty God, who hast me broughtFord35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Always Look on the Bright Side of LifeIdle, Eric arr. Huff, Mac70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
AmaniSnyder, Audrey70Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Amazing GraceNewton, John1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Amazing GracePoorman S., Arr75Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Amazing Grace Lojeski75King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Amazing grace (11p)Smail, Ron/Newton, John83Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Amazing loveWilson37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
AmenSchrader, Jack59Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Amen de Cormier81King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Amen (Spiritual with solo voice)Hairston51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Amigos Para SiempreWebber, Andrew Lloyd42Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Amor de Mi AlmaStroope, Z. Randel61Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
An after Christmas carol (Bells)Sherman54Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
An Apostrophe To The Heavenly HostsWillan, Healey1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
An den heiligen Franziskus von PaulaLISZT, Franz41Musicata (Hamilton)
An Den Wassern Zu Babel" (Psalm 137)SCHUTZ, Heinrich1Musicata (Hamilton)
An die Freude Beethoven28King Edward Choir (Barrie)
An Die MusicSchubert, Franz55Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
An Easter song of praiseRieman52Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
An Elizabethan SpringChatman, Stephen85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
An Elizabethan SpringCHATMAN, Stephen29Musicata (Hamilton)
An Elizabethan Spring Chatman90King Edward Choir (Barrie)
An Elizabethan SummerCHATMAN, Stephen33Musicata (Hamilton)
An EndBevan, Allan1Baladears (Ottawa)
An Eriskay Love Lilt Kennedy-Fraser60King Edward Choir (Barrie)
An Evening With Richard Rodgers arr. Metis50King Edward Choir (Barrie)
An Ode of the Birth of Our SaviourLEIGHTON, Kenneth49Musicata (Hamilton)
And I Saw A New HeavenBainton, Edgar1pBel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
And I will exalt himHandel48Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
And I will Praise HimJothen20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
And so it goes (Kirby Shaw) (7p)Joel, Billy14Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
And The Glory of The LordHandel, G.F.63Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
And the glory of the LordHandel54Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
And the Glory of the Lord Handel104King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Andrew Lloyd Weber in Concert Lojeski79King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Angel voices ever singingBortniansky/Tchaikovsky17Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Angels' CarolRUTTER, John21Musicata (Hamilton)
Angels' Carol Rutter150King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Angels' Carol Rutter43King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Angel's Gloria (Orch)Calloway34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Angels o'er the fieldsSchirmer6Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Angels rolled the stone awayHairston49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Angels We have Heard on HighGingrich, Linda Paschal Arr.53Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Angels we have heard on HighBisbee33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Anne of Green Gables Cable88King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Annie LaurieJohnson, V9Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Annunciation - in Choral Collection (Taverner)Taverner7Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Another Op'nin', Another Show (Kiss Me Kate 1948)Porter, Cole, Arr. Phiip Kern70Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Anthem for the Centennial of ConfederationWillan, Healey156Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Anthem from Chess (for Kathaumixw 2002)Anderson, Benny70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Anthem of dedicationMartin43Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Anthems for Choir 2 11Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
AntiphonMoore40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Antiphonal carol (Bells)Hopson72Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Antiphonal psalmHopson41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Anything GoesPorter, Cole57Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Aria Bach/Swingle78King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Arise & Shine [Opt. Bells]Paradowski18Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Arise my loveNelson4Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Arise, Arise, Shine Maker29King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Arise, King JesusLantz39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Arise, shine for thy light is comeWillan50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Armed Man, The Jenkins47King Edward Choir (Barrie)
A-Roving Luboff17King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Art thou troubled?Handel/Ramsy7Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
As a Little ChildMartin18Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
As Christmas draws nearEdgerton-Owen38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
As I walked in BethlehemAnderson38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
As it began to dawnMartin33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
As lately we watchedTkach49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
As the Bridegroom to His ChosenRutter, John27Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
As the hart longs Mendelssohn35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
As the hart longs for the running watersSomary51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
As Time Goes ByHupfield, Arr. R Robinson71Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
As Torrents in SummerELGAR, Edward35?Musicata (Hamilton)
As Torrents in Summer Elgar74King Edward Choir (Barrie)
As water to the thirsty (violin)Raminsh49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Ascendit DeusPHILIPS, Peter28Musicata (Hamilton)
Ashgrove, The arr. Smith76King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Ashgrove, The arr. Jacob90King Edward Choir (Barrie)
At Christmas be MerryHinton33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
At Christmas time was born a kingCharles23Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
At the cry of the first birdMartin51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
At the lamb's high feast (Brass)Liebergen40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
At the name of JesusWillams45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
At the river (Wilding & White) (8p)Copland, Aaron56Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
At thy feetBach49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Au champ d'honneurHawley, Laura71Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Au Clair de la LuneAllen, Peter arr.46Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Audivi, Media NocteTallis41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Auld Lang Sang (10p)Kesselman, L.R./Burns,R.19Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Aupres de ma BlondeParker/Shaw Arr.1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Aura Lee arr. M. Calvert30King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Ave MariaDevan18Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Ave MariaBiebl, Franz86Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Ave MariaBruckner, Anton85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Ave MariaMacIntyre, David54Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Ave MariaBevan, Allan2Baladears (Ottawa)
Ave MariaVICTORIA, Tomas Luis de30Musicata (Hamilton)
Ave MariaDa Vittoria, Tomas57Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Ave MariaSchubert,Arr. Wallingford Riegger78Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Ave Maria Rachmaninoff40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Ave Maria Biebl35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Ave Maria Lauridsen48King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Ave Maria (6 p)Biebl, Franz85Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Ave Maria (English: Guide me and lead me)DETT, Nathaniel30Musicata (Hamilton)
Ave Maria GuaraniMorricone70Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Ave Maris StellaGRIEG, Edvard H.30Musicata (Hamilton)
Ave Maris StellaGrieg32Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Ave Maris Stella Kverno40King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Ave Maris Stella Loomer46King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Ave Regina CaelorumBevan, Allan1Baladears (Ottawa)
Ave Rex (A Carol Sequence)MATHIAS, William33Musicata (Hamilton)
Ave Rex, A Carol Sequence + *Mathias, William85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Ave Vernum Corpus (11p)Raminsh, Imant76Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Ave VerumTongi, Peter75Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Ave VerumMozart, W.A.67Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Ave verumElgar50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Ave verumMozart56Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Ave Verum CorpusMozart, W.A.80Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Ave Verum CorpusBevan, Allan1Baladears (Ottawa)
Ave Verum CorpusBYRD, William32Musicata (Hamilton)
Ave Verum CorpusRAMINSH, Imant26Musicata (Hamilton)
Ave verum corpusByrd40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Ave verum corpusElgar40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Ave verum corpusMozart40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Ave Verum Corpus Byrd99King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Ave Verum-Jesu, Word of God IncarnateMozart, W.A.2Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Ave, Maris StellaLooner, Diane20Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Awake the trumpet's lofty soundHandel39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Awake us, Lord and hastenBach31Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Awake, thou wintry earthBach40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
AwassailingHughes, Daniel Arr.79Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Away from the roll of the sea (15p)MacGillivray, A.54Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Away From the Rollof the Sea Macgillivray101King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Away in a mangerKirkpatrick79Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Baba YetuTin, Christopher55Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Baba Yetu (Kiagiri, Chris) (15p)Tin, Christopher210Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Babe the Son of Mary (The)Lau, Robert63Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Baby born a KingHayes38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Baby It's Cold Outside (Kirby Shaw) (12p)Loesser, Frank118Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Baby, It's Cold OutsideLoesser, Frank, Arr. Kirby Shaw80Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Baby, What You Goin' to Be? Sleeth86King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Bachianas Brasilieras #5Villa-Lobos30Musicata (Hamilton)
Ballad of Sweeney Todd, TheSondheim, Arr. Andy Beck67Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
BalulalowSirett, Mark69Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Balulalow (O my dear heart)JOHNSON, Paul34Musicata (Hamilton)
Banks of doon (10 p)Schultz, Donna G/Burns, R.79Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Banks of Loch ErinHealey, Derek arr.86Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Banks of Loch Erin, the Healey88King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Banks of Newfoundland, TheAllen, Peter arr.47Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Banquet fugueRutter30Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Banquet FugueRUTTER, John28Musicata (Hamilton)
Barber of Seville Overture, TheRossini, Gioacchino, arr. Runswick, Daryl67Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Barber of Seville Overture, TheRossini G., Arr. D. Runswick62Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Bashana Haba'a Hirsch89King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Battle of Jericho Hogan74King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Bavarian Highlands Elgar36King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Bavarian Yodelling SongNelson8Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Be a Gift to a World in NeedPote, Allen61Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Be exalted (Bells, flute, trumpet)Sirett42Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Be known to usYounger44Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Be merciful unto me O lordBlow40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Be Our Guest - from Beauty and the BeastAshman & Menken,Arr. Ed Lojeski62Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Be still and know that I am GodHurko28Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Be Strong in the LordBarrett15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Beata viscera in "Christmas & Advent Motets for 5 voices"BYRD, William27Musicata (Hamilton)
Beatitudes (The)Van Hulse, Camil1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Beatus VirMONTEVERDI, Claudio17Musicata (Hamilton)
Beauteous MornGerman8Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Beautiful river (Rutter, John) (11p)Lowry, R.76Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Beautiful SaviourLarson38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Because you have seen meMarenzia46Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Bedtime StoriesGraham, Shannon Musicata (Hamilton)
Beethoven CeremonialBerger, Melvin61Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Beethoven CeremonialBerger, Melvin26Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Before the Marvel of This Night Schalk94King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Behold EmmanuelLoomer10Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Behold I bring youGoss48Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Behold now, praise the lordTitcomb41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Behold the Dark and Bitter NightFielding, Thomas63Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Behold the savior of mankindTye45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Behold, Emmanuel Loomer88King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Behold, the tabernacle of GodHarris40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
BelieveBallard/Silvestri/MacHuff80Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Bells of Christmas, The Stuart/Simon96King Edward Choir (Barrie)
BenScharf, Walter45Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Beneath the Shadow of the CrossHerman/Bach43Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
BenedictionBrubeck2Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Benedictus (8p)Corlis, Tim99Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Benedictus qui venitPalestrina41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Besame Mucho (Kiss Me Much)Velaquez, C., Arr. Shaw, K. 65Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Betelehemu Brooks King Edward Choir (Barrie)
BethlehemBillings, William31Musicata (Hamilton)
Beyond The MountainsLuboff, Norman59Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Big Fat Goose, TheDiLasso, Orlando58Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Birds, TheCzech M.S.1pBel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Birthday carol (4p)Willcocks, David45Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Bist Du Bei MirBach 12Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Black Fly SongHemsworth, Wade,Arr. Earle Peach70Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Black is the Color Luboff43King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Black is the Color of My True Love's HairClausen, Rene61Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Blackbird (8 p)Ewer, Gary65Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Blackbird, TheEwer, Gary Arr.36Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Bless the LordIppolitoff-Ivanoff49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Bless the LordLovelace66Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Blessed are the pure in heartDavies35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Blessed are they that mournBrahms35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Blessed Be That Maid Marie Leavitt82King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Blessed be that Maid Marie (12 p)Leavitt, John48Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Blessed be the God and FatherWesley40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Blessed be the God and FatherWesley35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Blessed city, heavenly salemPurcell36Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Blessed is he that considerethWise40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Blessed is he who comes Larson12Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Blessed is he who comes (Brass)Teschner66Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
BlessingBart, Katie Moran56Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Blest are the pure in heartEaton61Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Blest are the pure in heartWalford Davies40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Blest are they (flutes)Haas37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Blest Pair of SirensParry, C. Hubert H.80Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Blossoms are BeautifulCoburn9Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Blow the Wind Southerly Clements27King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Blow, blow thou winter wind (8 p)Rutter, John27Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Blow, Blow, Thou Winter WindChatman, Stephen80Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Blow, Blow, Thou Winter WindShearing, George85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Blue ChristmasHayes, B. Johnson, J.70Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Blue SkiesBerlin, Irving arr. Zegree, Steve70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Bluebird, The Stanfield90King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Body,Mind, Spirit, VoicePage14Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen, 2002)Mercury, Freddie,Arr. Mark Brymer66Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Bois EpaisLully23Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Bon HommeKenins, Talivaldis2Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Bonavist' line, TheAllen, Peter arr.47Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Bonhomme!Kenins, Talivaldis45Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Bonny Portmore (12 p)Washburn, Jon65Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Born is Jesus in BethlehemBossi20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Born today Hodie Christus Natus EstSweelinck40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Born today is the Child divineChapman40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Both Sides Now (Coates, John Jr.) (7p)Mitchell, Joni77Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
BoureeBach, J.S.53Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Bourree Bach/Swingle72King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Bourrée from Suite No. 2Bach, J.S. arr. Ward Swingle53Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Bow down thine ear, O LordArensky35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Boy child of MaryHopson19Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Boy was BornBritten, Benjamin12Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Bread and WineLovelace51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Bread of the worldCope26Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Bread of the worldGarland40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Bread of the worldColeman24Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Bread the breadSleeth49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Break ForthCARELSE, Clement9Musicata (Hamilton)
Break forthBach42Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Breath of HeavenEaton, Chris & Grant, Amy68Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Bridge Over Troubled WaterSimon, Paul, Arr. Shaw, K.75Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Bridge Over Troubled Water Simon/Garfunkel55King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Brightest and best of the sonsGardner48Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
BrindisiVerdi 30Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Brindisi from La TraviataVerdi G., ed. J. Rutter60Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Bring a Torch, JeanetteYoung29Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Bring a Torch, Jeannette IsabellaGingsberg, Neil59Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Bring a Torch, Jeannette IsabellaLeavitt, John64Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
BroadwayLojeski, Ed., arr.1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Broadway Legends (Camelot, My Fair Lady, Paint Your Wagon)Lerner & Loewe, Arr. Huff, Mac 61Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Brother Heinrich's Christmas (18 p)Rutter, John40Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Brother James AirJacob, Gordon11Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Brother James' AirJacob52Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Brush Up Your Shakespeare Porter23King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Built on a rockHafso46Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Bulalow Britten67King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Call to remembrance, O LordFarrant40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Call to remembrance, O LordFarrant/Ramsbotham35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Called by the SpiritHorman15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Calling all angelsKemp15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Calm and tranquil lie the sheepfoldsBach4Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Calm and tranquil lie the sheepfoldsBach5Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Calme des Nuits etc. Saint-Saens1;6;5;22King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Calvary (14p)Sametz, Steven24Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Calypso CarolShaw, Kirby80Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Calypso CarolRaney17Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
CamelotLerner & Loewe65Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Camelot Lerner/Loewe55King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Can You Hear the Christmas BellsRaney, Joel59Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Canada is SingingJohnston, Richard64Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Can-Can (Julie Eschliman) (16p)Offenbach, Jacques101Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Candle on the Water Lojeski69King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Candlelight carolRutter10Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Candlelight Carol Rutter91King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Candlelight Carol 8p Rutter, John47Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Candles, CandlesEmig8Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Canite TubaPALESTRINA, G.P.29Musicata (Hamilton)
Canite TubaPALESTRINA, G.P.30Musicata (Hamilton)
Canite Tuba in "Christmas & Advent Motets for 5 voices"PALESTRINA, G.P.27Musicata (Hamilton)
Can't Yo' Heah Me Moanin' LordJames, Will1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Cantata #1Bach, J.S.1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Cantata #1 (42p)Bach, J.S.117Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Cantata #147 (53p)Bach, J.S.43Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Cantata #30Bach, J.S.1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Cantata #30Bach, J.S.35Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Cantata #61: Come Redeemer (23p)Bach, J.S.51Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Cantata 120: Gott, man lobet dich in der StilleBACH, J.S.40Musicata (Hamilton)
Cantata 150 Nach dir, Herr, verlanget michBACH, J.S.21Musicata (Hamilton)
Cantata 7 Christ unser Herr zum Jordan kamBACH, J.S.13Musicata (Hamilton)
Cantata No. 196Bach, J.S.59Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Cantata No. 207 (In Praise of Bach)Bach, J.S.60Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Cantata No. 4Bach, J.S.57Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Cantate DominoHassler, Hans Leo53Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Cantate DominoSchutz, Heinrich85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Cantate DominoSchütz, Heinrich1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Cantate DominoHASSLER, Hans Leo26Musicata (Hamilton)
Cantate DominoSCHUTZ, Heinrich16Musicata (Hamilton)
Cantate DominoPitoni, Giuseppe Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Cantate DominoSchutz, Heinrich59cBel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Cantate DominoPitoni40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Cantate DominoPitoni12Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Cantate DominoAlthouse20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Cantate Domino Hassler40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Cantate Domino Schutz98King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Cantate Domino Greyson35King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Cantate Domino Lang59King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Cantate Domino (Brass)Schutz38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Canticle to the SpiritDaley, Eleanor53Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Cantiones SacraeSCHUTZ, Heinrich27Musicata (Hamilton)
Cantique de Jean RacineRutter, John6Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Cantique de Jean RacineFAURE, Gabriel30Musicata (Hamilton)
Cantique de Jean Racine Faure39King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Cantique de Jean Racine (20 p)Faure, Gabriel41Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Cantique de Noel (O Holy Night)Spevacek L/Adam A70Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Cantiques Populaires/Fete de NoelGagnon, Ernest78Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Cape Breton Lullaby Calvert92King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Cape Breton lullaby +Inst. (Calvert, Stuart) (14 p)Leslie, Kenneth72Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Cape Saint Mary'sBissell, Keith Arr.10Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Caribbean Carol Ringwald93King Edward Choir (Barrie)
CarillonCain38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
CarmenBizet73Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Carmen Bizet82King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Carmen   King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Carmina Burana Orff75King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Carol CantataOuchterlony, David16Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Carol Cantata IV Bennett93King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Carol From an Irish CabinWood, Dale84Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Carol O ye AngelsAnderson15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Carol of Prophecy [Opt. Bells]McRae15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Carol of the BellsWilhousky, Peter arr.69Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Carol of the BellsLEONTOVICH, M. (Arr. Peter J. Wilhousky)34Musicata (Hamilton)
Carol of the BellsLeontovych, Wilhousky Arr.80Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Carol of the BellsLeontovich/Wilhousky57Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Carol of the BellsLeontovich28Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Carol of the Bells Wilhousky91King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Carol of the birds (15 p)Sowash, Rick81Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Carol of the ChildrenMitchell15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Carol of the ChildrenRutter24Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Carol of the Drum Davis80King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Carol of the drum (14 p)Davis, Katherine K78Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Carol of the Friendly Beasts Crissman113King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Carols 2 Chilcott71King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Carols for Choirs Rutter/Willcocks87King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Carols for Choirs 1Willcocks Arr.50Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Carols for choirs 1 (50 Christmas Carols) (175p)Willcocks/Jacques74Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Carols for Choirs 1 (Green)Oxford51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Carols for Choirs 2Willcocks Arr.87Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Carols for Choirs 2 (Orange)Oxford45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Carols for Choirs Book 1WILLCOCKS, David (Arr.)29?Musicata (Hamilton)
Carols for Choirs Book 2WILLCOCKS, David and RUTTER, John (Arr)14Musicata (Hamilton)
Carols of French CanadaApplebaum, Louis62Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Carols of the Nativity. 2. Bring a torch Jeanette, IsabellaChatman, Stephen70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Carols of the Nativity. 4. A Christmas LullabyChatman Stephen70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Carols of the Nativity. 6. WassailChatman, Stephen70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Carols of the Nativity. 7. Angels we have heard on high.Chatman, Stephen70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
CarrickfergusSirett, Mark arr.24Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Cast they burden upon the LordMendelssohn35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Cats Medley (Lojeski, Ed) (24p)Webber, A.L./Eliot, T.S.49Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Caturog Na, Nonoy (7p)Hernandez, George100Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Cause us O Lord- 4 Anthems for Young ChoirsNelson38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Cedit, Hyems (Be Gone , Winter) (16p)Betinis, Abbie99Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Celebrate the visionPote21Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Celtic Blessing of LightDaley, Elanor71Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Celtic Mass of the Sea + InstrumentalMacmillan, Scott2Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Centennial AnthemWillan42Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Centennial HymnLeLacheur38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Centennial Hymn, TheLa Lacheur, Rex141Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Ceremony of CarolsBritten49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Chaconne in d minorBach/Helga Thorne31Musicata (Hamilton)
Chansons des Roses, Dirait-onLauridsen, Morten70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Chansons des Roses, La Rose CompleteLauridsen, Morten69Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Chant of Monks - Salus per Christum (Torquil)Harriss, Charles83Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Charlie Brown Christmas (16p)Zegree, Steve119Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Chattanooga Choo ChooWarren, Harry & Gordon, Mack arr. Huff, Mac50Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Cherry Tree CarolShaw / Parker30Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Cherry Tree Carol Applebaum92King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Cherubic Hymn, TheHanson, Howard1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Cherubim songTchaikovsky37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Chickens in the GardenHatfield, Stephen arr.24Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Child is born (5p)Page, Nick103Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Child Lay In The Cloth And Hay, TheSchalk, Carl62Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Child of Peace and LovePethel, Stan62Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Child of the light (Orch)Harlan25Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Child of the mangerArmstrong34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Child of the UniverseCassils20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Children of the Heavenly FatherMartin Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Children, Go Where I Send Thee Morris53King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Chili con carneEdenroth6Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Chill of the nightfall (Orch)Scott38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Ching-a-Ring Ching ChawCopland, Aaron Arr.28Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Chocolate!Shaw30Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Choose Something Like a Star Frostiana No. 7THOMPSON, Randall22Musicata (Hamilton)
Choral CollectionTaverner7Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Choral Dances from GlorianaBRITTEN, Benjamin21Musicata (Hamilton)
Choral FantasiaWagner173Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Choral Fantasia Wagner70King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Choral Prelude on Down AmpneyVaughan Williams, R. arr. Wedd, Patrick62Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Choral Prelude on Down AmpneyWedd, Patrick1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Choralfest Pieces Verdi; Puccini; Borodin King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Choric Song arr. Reed77King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Chorus of the Angels (Ehre sei Gott) from "The Christmas Story"SCHUTZ, Heinrich11Musicata (Hamilton)
Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves Verdi102King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Christ be with meScott48Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Christ is risen (Brass)Pote39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Christ Lag in Todes BandenBach28Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Christ the Lord hath risenLang45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Christ the Lord is risen againThiman37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Christ the lord is risen againRutter50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Christ the Lord is risen todayWolff58Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Christ upon the mountain peakBouman48Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Christ whose glory fills the skiesBissell95Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Christ, Our Paschal LambRoff27Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Christ, whose glory fills the skiesArmstrong35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Christians, be joyfulBach36Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Christmas (8p)Ellingboe, Bradley89Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Christmas & Advent Motets for 5 voicesPETTI, Anthony G., ed.30Musicata (Hamilton)
Christmas AngelHanney, Corlynn45Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Christmas Calypso Yalanis90King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Christmas CantataBush, Geoffrey85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Christmas CantataBush, Geoffrey53Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Christmas CantataPinkham, Daniel1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Christmas Cantata (+ 2 organ + brass)Pinkham, Daniel86Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Christmas cantata in Natuvutaten Domini (20 p)Charpentier, M.A.100Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Christmas Carol SettingsCARELSE, Clement Musicata (Hamilton)
Christmas Comes againHopkins29Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Christmas Dance of the Shepherds Kodaly63King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Christmas DayHolst, Gustav7Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Christmas DayHOLST, Gustav35Musicata (Hamilton)
Christmas Day Holst86King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Christmas Day + Instruments Full ScoreHolst, Gustav Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Christmas Day - choral fantasyHolst46Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Christmas Fanfare Telfer80King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Christmas From the Heart Brymer86King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Christmas GarlandSusa, Conrad70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Christmas giftsAnderson23Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Christmas Gloria (Brass)Pote40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Christmas HymnVaughan Williams, R.58Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Christmas HymnsThe Hymnarysee folderBel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Christmas is ComingRaney, Joel64Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Christmas is Coming Christie58King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Christmas is HereBerry16Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Christmas lullabyRutter3Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Christmas LullabyRutter, John82Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Christmas LullabyWEARMOUTH, Graeme27Musicata (Hamilton)
Christmas LullabyRutter, John79Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Christmas lullabyRutter19Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Christmas Lullaby Campsie King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Christmas Lullaby Wearmouth King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Christmas OratoriaVan Hulse, Tamil1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Christmas OratorioSaint-Saens, C.10Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Christmas Oratorio Bach33King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Christmas Oratorio (77 p)Saint-Saens, Camille93Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Christmas Oratorio - choralSaint-Saens, C.83Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Christmas Oratorio - vocalSaint-Saens, C.7Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Christmas PipesGraham17Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Christmas song = O Holy Night (14 p)Adam, Adolphe4Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Christmas Song of the 14th CenturyWillan, Healey66Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Christmas Song of the 14th Century Willan44King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Christmas song, TheWells / arr. Shaw30Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Christmas Song, TheTorme, Mel, Arr. Walter Ehret80Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Christmas Song, The Lojeski25King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Christmas StarWilliams, J.,Arr. T Fettke&T Grassi79Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Christmas Story, The Butterworth28King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Christmas Story, The Nelson91King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Christmas time is hereGuaraldi / arr. Sterling28Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Christmas Time is HereZegree, Steve Arr. 80Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Christmas Waltz (Steve Zegree) (11p)Styne J./Cahn, S.119Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Christmas Waltz, TheChinn, Teena Arr.79Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Christmas with the Kings Singers Overton85King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Christmas with the King's Singers (19 p)King Singers114Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Christmastide (5p)Brunner, David/Lewis, J.60Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
ChristmastimeSmith & Carlson, Arr. Larson105Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Christus ist geborenLISZT, Franz30Musicata (Hamilton)
Christus ResurrexitYoung49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Cindy Wilberg86King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Circle Game, TheMichell, Joni arr. Coates, John50Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Classic Cole Porter (Huff, Mac) (79p)Porter, Cole89Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Climb Ev'ry Mountain arr. Smith70King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Climb every mountainSmith49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Coelos ascenditStanford, C.V.85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Coelos Ascendit HodieSTANFORD, Charles V. (Arr.)30Musicata (Hamilton)
Coffee (In a Cardboard Cup) 15p Kander, John/Ebb, Fred62Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Cohors Generosa Kodaly92King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Come Again, Sweet Love Dowland86King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Come all you bold Canadians (5 Ont Folk Songs) (19p)Henderson, Ruth44Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Come and do your will in me - in Choral Collection (Taverner)Taverner7Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Come down, O love divineHarris40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come feel the JoyLeaf15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come I Pray TheeANDERSON, W. H.30Musicata (Hamilton)
Come In Frostiana No. 3THOMPSON, Randall17Musicata (Hamilton)
Come in love and adorationBruckner51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come Let Us SingMendelssohn1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Come let's rejoiceAmner39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come O thou travellerNoble43Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come One, Come all, Come followDietterich10Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come SoonBrahms, Johannes57Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Come thou, Lord, creator spirit (Bells)Rickard53Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come to Calvary's mountainFettke4Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come to the Fair Taylor/Martin88King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Come to the waterFoley31Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come to Us, Lord JesusHopson18Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come unto HimKrones18Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come unto meBach33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come ye faithfulThatcher40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come Ye Sons of ArtPURCELL, Henry12Musicata (Hamilton)
Come, blest of my fatherSanborn52Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come, Come Emmanuel [Bells]Mayo19Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come, come to us we prayCarter52Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come, heavenly doveMcIntyre48Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come, Hither, ShepherdTeleman/Edwards8Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come, Holy GhostAttwood57Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come, Holy GhostDavie33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come, Holy GhostThiman52Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come, Holy GhostAttwood40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come, Holy GhostAttwood35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come, Holy SpiritTelfor48Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come, Holy Spirit (Flute, Oboe)Pote34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come, I pray theeAnderson51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come, Let us SingLindh15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come, Let's RejoiceAmner, John28Musicata (Hamilton)
Come, O creator spirit, comeNoble35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come, share the LordLeech/Tabell53Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come, sing to the LordCooper32Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come, Sing to the LordCooper20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come, Thou Beloved of Christ Willan6King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Come, thou fount of every blessingGluck9Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come, thou holy spirit, comeLey35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Come, ye faithful, raise the strainLindeman58Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Comfort, O Lord Crotch56Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Comfort, O Lord, the soul of the servantCrotch40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Comfort, O Lord, the soul of the servantCrotch35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Comin' is a glorious lightParker37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Commitment (flute solo)Pfautsch34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Communion HymnKellermeyer52Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Communion Service in F MajorDARKE, Harold E.12Musicata (Hamilton)
Concertato on "Thine Is the Glory" (bells/trumpets)Powell Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Contemporary Christmas CarolsLamb, Richard & McAfee, Don45Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Contrappunto bestiale alla mente The Animals Improvise CounterpointBANCHIERI, Adriano21Musicata (Hamilton)
Contrapunto bestiale alla menteBANCHIERI, Adriano29Musicata (Hamilton)
Coronation MassMozart, W.A.24Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Coronation OdeElgar, Edward1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Counterpoint of the Animals (Greyson, N) (8p)Banchieri, A.11Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Cradle Song Rutter84King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Crawdad Song (The)Lewis, Aden G.1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Create in me a clean heartWillan35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
CreationHaydn40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Creation Haydn37King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Creation (A Rock Cantata)Bobrowitz, David65Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Creation (A Rock Cantata)Bobrowitz, David3Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Creation, TheHaydn, Franz Joseph23Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Creation, TheHaydn, Franz Joseph1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Creation, TheHaydn, Franz Joseph8Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Creator, keeper, caring LordGieseke15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Credo (12 p)Part, Arvo9Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
CrimondGrant34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Crown him with many crowns (Brass)Pelz48Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Crucifixion, TheStainer, J.6Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Crucifixus for 8 voicesLOTTI, Antonio37Musicata (Hamilton)
Crucifixus from Mass in B minor (8p)Bach, J.S.48Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Crux A Requiem Part 1: Sanctus, Then I Heard, AlleluiaDearden, Alice B.30Musicata (Hamilton)
Crux A Requiem Part 2: Kyrie, Agnus DeiDearden, Alice B.30Musicata (Hamilton)
Crux A Requiem Part 3: Benedictus, GloriaDearden, Alice B.30Musicata (Hamilton)
Crux fidelisJohn IV40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Cum Sancto SpirituVivaldi20Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Curtain Time arr.Cassey56King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Da ispravytsia molytva mojaHurko28Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Dadme AlbriciasAllaway, Ben30Musicata (Hamilton)
Dance Elgar20King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Dance a Cachucha (from Gondoliers)Sullivan, Arthur85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Dance of the Sugar Plum FairyTchaikovsky, Peter, Arr.Jeff Funk75Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Dance To Your DaddyGilbert, Norman Arr.1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Dance, Sing, Clap Your HandsWagner20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
DancingTucker, Scott A.43Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Danny BoyBevan, Allan1Baladears (Ottawa)
Danny BoyFlummerfelt Arrange74Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Dans les chantiersJohnston, ? arr.33Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
DansaronAllaway, Ben30Musicata (Hamilton)
Danse, Mon Moin Healey101King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Danse, mon moin, danseHealey, Derek arr.85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Danse, Mon Moin, DanseHealey, Derek109Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Danse, Mon Moin, Danse!HEALEY, Derek (Arr.)31Musicata (Hamilton)
Darby KellyOuchterlony, David1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Darby Kelly Ouchterlony72King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Dark Night of the SoulGjeilo, Ola Musicata (Hamilton)
Dark'ning night the land doth coverBourgeois35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Das neugeborne KindeleinBUXTEHUDE, Dietrich28Musicata (Hamilton)
Das neugeborne KindeleinBUXTEHUDE, Dietrich Musicata (Hamilton)
Dashing away with the smoothing ironRutter, John arr.68Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron Lawrence76King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Daughters of ZionMendelssohn35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
David and the GiantsZabel14Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Day is DoneYarrow, Peter67Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Days of ElijahMark38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Deaf Old Woman, The Davis39King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Dear Lord and Father (of Mankind)Parry48Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Dear SarahSyler, James70Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Death shall not destroy my comfortWilberg32Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
December Child Hayward22King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Deck the HallWILLCOCKS, David (Arr.) (Arr. J. Laing)40+Musicata (Hamilton)
Deck the Hall, Jingle Bells, Once in Royal David's City, Winter Wonderland, Dadme Albricias, Here we come a-wassaling, Dng Dong Merrily on HighTaylor, M Ryan29 plus 13 extra copies of Deck the HallsMusicata (Hamilton)
Deck the HallsHolman, Derek arr.85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Declare his honourPurcell35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Deep RiverBevan, Allan2Baladears (Ottawa)
Deep RiverRingwald, Roy Arr.60Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Deep riverLuboff32Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Deep river (7p)Shaw/Parker35Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Deep River (1.30)Luboff, Norman50Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Deliver us, O Lord our GodBatten41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Denn er Hat Seine BefohlenMENDELSSOHN, Felix30Musicata (Hamilton)
Deo GraciasSleeth57Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Der Choral "Nun danket alle Gott"LISZT, Franz41Musicata (Hamilton)
Der Geisthilft Unsrer Schwachheit AufBACH, J.S.33Musicata (Hamilton)
Der TanzSCHUBERT, Franz30Musicata (Hamilton)
Despairing lover (from Love songs for Springtime)(11p)Halley, Paul29Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Dettingen Anthem: The King Shall Rejoice...HANDEL, George Frideric37Musicata (Hamilton)
Dic nobis, MariaBASSANO, Giovanni29Musicata (Hamilton)
Didn't it rainNeaum17Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel Hogan80King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel?Hogan, Moses arr., Traditional Spiritual70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Die Himmel RuhmenBEETHOVEN, Ludwig van30Musicata (Hamilton)
Dieu! Qu'il la fait bon regarder! Trois Chansons #1DEBUSSY, Claude1Musicata (Hamilton)
Dieu! Qu'il la fait bon regarder! Trois Chansons #1DEBUSSY, Claude31Musicata (Hamilton)
Ding Dong merrily on HighWILLCOCKS, David (Arr.) Musicata (Hamilton)
Ding Dong merrily on HighWOOD, Charles (Arr. J. Laing)34Musicata (Hamilton)
Ding Dong! Merrily on HighJennings, Carolyn Arr.61Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Ding Dong! Merrily on HighWillcocks, David Arr.80Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Ding! Dong! Merrily on High arr. Woodward49King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Ding-a Ding-a DingGilpin, Greg80Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Dirait-onLauridsen, Morten44Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Dirait-on Lauridsen50King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Dirait-on (from Les Chansons des rose) (11 p)Lauridsen, Morten/ Rilke79Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Distant landRutter33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Dixit DominusHANDEL, George Frideric1Musicata (Hamilton)
Dmuzi's DreamHanus, Tiffany Musicata (Hamilton)
Do you ever wonderZiegenhals15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Do You Hear the People Sing?Schonberg, Arr. Ed Lojeski71Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Do you hear the people sing? (Lojeski, Ed) (10 p) Schonberg, C/Kretzmer,H99Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Do you hear what I hear (Brass)Regney/Shayne75Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Do You Hear What I Hear?Simeone, Harry Arr.83Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Do You Hear What I Hear? Simeone79King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Do you hear what I hear? (Simeone, Harry) (9 p)Regney, Noel/Shayne, G.78Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Do you know who made the day?Hopson20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Do you Know Your Shepherd's voice?Lord8Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Domine Salvum Fac RegemDesane, Antoine68Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Dona Nobis PacemVaughan Williams, R.1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Dona Nobis Pacem Litz/Hay89King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Donde Hay FeBergs, Roger30Musicata (Hamilton)
Doney Gal Luboff15King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Don't Bend DownHatfield, Stephen70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Do-Re-Mi arr. Warnick83King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Dormi Jesu Bell46King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Dostoyno Yest Tchaikowsky84King Edward Choir (Barrie)
D'où viens-tu bergère?Brassard, François51Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Double TroubleWilliams, John, Arr. Teena Chinn71Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Dove Chorales 4Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Down by the Fair RiverJohnston, Richard53Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Down by the RiversideWashington, James arr.50Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Down by the riversideRutter47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Down By the Sally Gardens Rutter33King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Draw us in the Spirit's tetherFriedell44Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
DreamLuboff, Norman Arr.66Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Dream a DreamRobertson4Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Dream a Little Dream of MeLuboff, Norman Arr.65Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Dream of Christmas (Yuletide Fantasy)Ketelby, A.W.65Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Dreamer, TheCarman, Bliss51Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Drink to Me Only Ringwald22King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Drive My CarLennon, John & McCartney, Paul arr. Sharon, Deke62Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Drop, drop slow tears Leighton50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Drop, drop slow tears Gibbons40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Drop, drop slow tears (Bells)Owens50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Drunken SailorStone, P. arr.7Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Dry Bones Gearhart18King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Du Bist Die RuhSchubert, Franz1Baladears (Ottawa)
Dublin Bells CarolMooney, David63Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Dusk Gretchaninoff75King Edward Choir (Barrie)
E la don donGreenberg, Noah, arr.85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Each Child Daley59King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Early Easter MorningGrieg39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Early Mornin' RainLightfoot, Gordon66Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Early One Morning Willcocks78King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Earth Adorned, The (Psalm of Summer)Ahlen, Waldemar65Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Earth SongJarvlepp, Jan85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Earth Song Washburn84King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Earth Song Ticheli80King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Earth Song (7p)Ticheli, Frank210Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Easter callBruch53Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Easter songPote19Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
EastertideProtheroe33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Ecce Dominus VenietRIVERS, Robert G.29Musicata (Hamilton)
EchoBevan, Allan1Baladears (Ottawa)
Echo SongDi Lasso, Orlando87Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Echo Song di Lasso82King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Echo Song di Lasso/Greyson52King Edward Choir (Barrie)
E'en so Lord Jesus, quickly comeManz38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
E'en So, Lord Jesus, Quickly ComeManz, Paul75Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Ehre sei Gott in der HoheBACH, J.S.29Musicata (Hamilton)
Eight ImpressionsKunz, Alfred54Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Ein Kindelein so LobelichPRAETORIUS, Michael30Musicata (Hamilton)
Ein Kindelein So LobelichPraetorius55Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Ein Kinderlein so Lobelich Praetorius87King Edward Choir (Barrie)
El Grillo (The Cricket)DES PREZ, Josquin (Arr. J. W. Harris)18Musicata (Hamilton)
El Mambi (Abril, Carlos) (14 p)Romero, Luis Casis 81Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
El NacimientoRAMIREZ, Ariel (Ed. J. Laing)31Musicata (Hamilton)
El Nino entre los bueyesBasso30Musicata (Hamilton)
Eleven Hymn TunesBeaumont, Rev. Geoffrey1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
ElijahMendelssohn14Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
ElijahMendelssohn, Purcell46Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
ElijahMendelssohn50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Elijah Mendelssohn60King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Elijah - And then shall your light break forthMendelssohn, F.41Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Elijah - For He shall give his angels charge overMendelssohn, F.86Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Elijah - Lift thine eyes (SSA)Mendelssohn, F.57Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Elijah Rock Hairston91King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Elijah rock (10p)Hairston, Jester81Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
EloquenceHaydn, Arr. Mason88Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Embraceable you (Chinn, Teena) (8 p)Gershwin, George & Ira23Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
En Hiver (In Winter)HINDEMITH, PAUL30Musicata (Hamilton)
Eonia - in Choral Collection (Taverner)Taverner7Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Epitaph for MoonlightSCHAFER, R. Murray28Musicata (Hamilton)
Es ist ein ros'entsprungenPraetorius, Michael85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Eskimo Hunting SongHealey, Derek arr.75Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Et MisericordiaWillcocks, Jonathan77Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Eternal FatherHolst35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
European MadrigalsKRAUS, Egon (Editor)12Musicata (Hamilton)
Even When He Is Silent 12pArnesen, Kim Andre28Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Evening HymnGARDINER, H. Balfour34Musicata (Hamilton)
Evening HymnGardiner40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Evening Prayer Humperdinck86King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Evening Prayer [Hansel & Gretel]Humperdinck10Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Evening Watch (The)Holst, Gustav1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Every day my thanks to youFolsom32Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Every Night Walker80King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Every Time I Feel the SpiritLuboff, Norman79Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Every Time I Feel the Spirit Dawson92King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Everything's AlrightRice/Webber2Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Everytime I feel the spiritLuboff, Norman5Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Everywhere I goSleeth14Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Ev'ry time I feel the spiritSchram24Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Ev'ry Time We Say GoodbyePorter, Cole75Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Exsultate Deo Adjutori NostroPalestrina, G.P. da85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Exsultate JustiWilliams, John, Arr. D & J Perry70Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Exsultate JustiViadana41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Exultate DeoPALESTRINA, G.P.26Musicata (Hamilton)
Exultate deoScarlatti22Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Ezekiel Saw De WheelTraditional, arr. Hogan, Moses64Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Ezekiel Saw de Wheel arr. Luboff97King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Factum est SilentiumDeering, Richard43Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Faire is the heavenHarris36Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Fairest Lord JesusHakes35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
False Sir JohnBurton, Daniel60Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
FanfareShaw59Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Fanfare Shaw95King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Fanfare (3p)Shaw, Martin21Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Fanfare for Christmas (Brass)Heaton37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Fanfare for PeaceThomson, Virgil1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Fanfare for PeaceThomson, Virgil85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Fantasia On Christmas CarolsVAUGHAN WILLIAMS, Ralph34Musicata (Hamilton)
Fantasia on Christmas carols (21p)Vaughan Williams, R79Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Fantasia on StringsBergs, Roger Musicata (Hamilton)
Far and Away Crescenz52King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Fare thee well love (Calvert, S.) (18p)Rankin, James88Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Fare Thee Well, Love Calvert86King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Farewell to Nova Scotia Wright87King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Father in HeavenSchubert20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Father William Carroll/Fine82King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Father, send a child againBurley45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Feelin' Groovy (59th Street Bridge Song)Simon, Paul63Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Feller From Fortune Somers70King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Feller from Fortune (Harry Somers) (20 p)Peacock, Kenneth21Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Festival AlleluiaPote8Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Festival deck the hall (8p)Althouse, Jay86Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Festival Prelude Wagner arr. Krone81King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Festival ProcessionalCooper42Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Festival Te DeumVaughan Williams, R.39Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Festival Te DeumSander, John12Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Festival Te DeumBritten49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Fiddler manRutter, John45Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Fiddler Man  84King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Fiddler on the Roof Lojeski76 + instrsKing Edward Choir (Barrie)
Fiddler on the Roof (Choral showcase) (26 p)Bock, J./Harnick, Sheldon64Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Field of Light - In Praise of the Eternal FeminineBussière, Michael59Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Fields of GoldSumner, G. M.75Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Fields of Light - In Praise of the Enternal FeminieBussière, Michael1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Fight the good fightGardner48Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Fill my cup, LordSchalk51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Filled with the spirit's power (C instrument)Busarow51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Findlay (Wha is that at my bower door) (7p)Simeonov, Blago/Burns, R.119Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Fire and IceBergs, Roger30Musicata (Hamilton)
Fire, Fire,My Heart Morley49King Edward Choir (Barrie)
First Christmas Carol, The Simeone93King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Five childhood lyrics (28p) Rutter, John49Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Five Christmas CarolsWillcocks33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Five Christmas CarolsBusarow26Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Five English Folk SongsRunswick, Daryl85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Five Folk SongsWILLCOCKS, David (Arr.)23Musicata (Hamilton)
Five Hebrew Love SongsWhitacre, Eric73 +1accBel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Five Hebrew Love Songs Plitmann/Whitacre80King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Five LimericksJONES, Kelsey11Musicata (Hamilton)
Five Love SongsGrieg, Edvard54Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Five Middle English Love Songs: Bachelor's SongPenfound, Bonnie27Musicata (Hamilton)
Five Middle English Love Songs: Bryd One BrerePenfound, Bonnie29Musicata (Hamilton)
Five Middle English Love Songs: Foules in the FrithPenfound, Bonnie11Musicata (Hamilton)
Five Middle English Love Songs: Humorous Praise of His LadyPenfound, Bonnie29Musicata (Hamilton)
Five Middle English Love Songs: The Bridal MornPenfound, Bonnie19Musicata (Hamilton)
Five Mystical SongsVAUGHAN WILLIAMS, Ralph30Musicata (Hamilton)
Five Mystical SongsVAUGHAN WILLIAMS, Ralph26Musicata (Hamilton)
Five Mystical SongsVaughan Williams, R.60Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Five Negro Spirituals (from A Child Of Our Time)TIPPETT, Michael22Musicata (Hamilton)
Five Nursery RhymesHunter, Ralph29Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Five Nursery RhymesHunter, Ralph41Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Five Russian Christmas carolsKingsley38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Five Traditional SongsRUTTER, John24Musicata (Hamilton)
Five Traditional Songs Rutter94King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Flanders FieldsAitken, Paul A.70Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Flanders Fields Aitken84King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Flower of BeautyCLEMENTS, John13Musicata (Hamilton)
Fogarty's Cove (Smail, Ron) (7p)Rogers, Stan149Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Fogarty's CoveRogers, Stan/Smail Ron38Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Folk Song FantasyMcKay, Neil55Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Follow Me Denver54King Edward Choir (Barrie)
For All That IsDavis9Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
For All the Saints V-Williams arr.Ley86King Edward Choir (Barrie)
For all the saints (2 trumpets)Wolff51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
For God so loved the worldSchetz50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
For God So Loved the World (Also hat Gott die Welt geliebt)SCHUTZ, Heinrich21Musicata (Hamilton)
For GoodSchwartz, Stephen arr. Huff, Mac70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
For Love shall be our SongWagner20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
For Me And My GalHunter, Ralph Arr.2Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
For the Beauty of the EarthRutter, John85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
For the Beauty of the EarthRutter, John1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
For the Beauty of the EarthRutter, John60Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
For the beauty of the earthThiman57Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
For the beauty of the earthRutter44Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
For the Beauty of the EarthRutter10Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
For the Beauty of the Earth Rutter36King Edward Choir (Barrie)
For the Beauty of the Earth Thiman58King Edward Choir (Barrie)
For the FallenDaley, Eleanor85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
For this glorious Easter morn (Brass)Raney32Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
For Unto Us (Messiah) Handel98King Edward Choir (Barrie)
For Unto Us A Child Is BornHANDEL, George Frideric22Musicata (Hamilton)
For unto us a child is born Bach16Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
For unto us a child is born (Brass)Pote37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Forest Cool, Thou Forest QuietBrahms, Johannes52Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Forth in your name, O Lord, I goBobb51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Forty-second Psalm (As the Hart Pants) Mendelssohn79King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Four Madrigals from "A Masquerade of Dreams"Lewis, Merwin54Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Four Sacred Pieces Verdi94King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Four short introitsMurray58Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Four Slovak Folk SongsBartok, Bela85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Four Slovak FolksongsBARTOK, Bela18Musicata (Hamilton)
Four Songs Brahms4King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Four Spring SongsRutter, Johnsee belowBel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Four Spring Songs: A Clare BenedictionRutter, John40Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Four Spring Songs: I Believe in SpringtimeRutter, John41Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Four Spring Songs: The Bride Groom to His ChosenRutter, John40Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Four Spring Songs: Wings of the Morning Rutter, John40Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Four Strong WindsTyson, Ian, Arr. Larry Nickel75Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Francis the poor little manWagner17Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Frobisher BayGordon, James20Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Frobisher Bay Gordon57King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Frobisher Bay (4p)Loomer, Diane24Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Frohlokket "Weihnachten" (#1 of Sechs Spruche, Op. 79)MENDELSSOHN, Felix35Musicata (Hamilton)
From all that dwell below the skiesWalmisley35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
From Darkness to LightWatson Henderson, Ruth77Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
From heaven abot to earth I comeBach8Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
From The Bavarian HighlandsElgar, Edwan1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
From the rising of the sunOuseley58Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Frostiana - A Girl's GardenThompson, Randall57Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Frostiana - Choose Something like a StarThompson, Randall84Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Frostiana - Road Not Taken (13p)Thompson, Randall31Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Frostiana - Stopping by WoodsThompson, Randall35Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Frostiana - The Road not TakenThompson, Randall89Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Frostiana - The TelephoneThompson, Randall85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Frostiana (Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Even.Thompson, Randall1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Frosty the Snow ManLojeski Arr.79Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
FruitcakeHagemann+Leka30Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Fum, Fum, FumMiller, John D. Arr.77Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Funeral canticle - in Choral Collection (Taverner)Taverner7Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Funiculi, FuniculaDenza L.57Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Gabriel's messagePhillips5Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Gabriel's MessagePettman37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Gaelic BlessingRutter, John1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Gaelic Rhapsody Lojeski67King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Gaelic Rose (Lo How A Rose E'er Blooming) (16p)Hayes, Mark119Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Gaudeamus HodieSleeth69Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
GaudeteKay, Brian1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
GaudeteKay, Brian84Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
GavotteHandel1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Geistliches LiedBrahms33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Gentle MaryCook10Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Gentle Mary laid her childBevan, Allan1Baladears (Ottawa)
Gentleman's Christmas, ASchram3Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Geographical FugueToch, Ernst85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
German Requiem (German version) Brahms26King Edward Choir (Barrie)
German Requiem, ABrahms, Johannes2Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Gershwin Medley Gershwin/Strommer61King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Gesu BambinoYon, Pietro80Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Gesu Bambino Yon74 + 3 SSAKing Edward Choir (Barrie)
Get Happy + Instrumental (Mac Huff) (15p)Arlen, Harold/Koehler, T.87Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Get to BedHealey, Derek arr.85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Get To Bed Healey1King Edward Choir (Barrie)
GethsemeneHoffman15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Gift of finest wheatKreutz48Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Gift of Song, the Ades90King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Gift to be Simple, The Chilcott89King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Gift, TheWildhorn, Frank62Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Give ear to my prayerArcadelt45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Give ear to my wordsAnderson44Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Give ear unto meMarcello13Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Give it to JesusBarrett4Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Give to the lord honor and praiseWilson52Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Give us LovePethel6Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Glad Tidings [Bells & Voices]Edwards23Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
GloriaStokes, Tobin65Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
GloriaCorlis, Timothy80Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
GloriaMcDonald, Mary79Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
GloriaSomers, Harry52Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
GloriaVivaldi12Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
GloriaVivaldi32Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
GloriaBasler46Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
GloriaBass35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Gloria Leonard97King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Gloria Bruckner89King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Gloria Calvert98King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Gloria Rutter19King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Gloria (80 p)Vivaldi, Antonio89Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Gloria (Single part CD's) (44p) + Brass, Timpani, Percussion Rutter, John1Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Gloria (Brass)Smith36Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Gloria (Brass)Bass35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Gloria (from "The Masque of Angels")Argento2Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Gloria (from 12th Mass) Mozart85King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Gloria (from Coronation Mass Edward VII)Harriss, Charles83Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Gloria (from Missa Papae Marcelli)Palestrina, G.P. da1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Gloria (Mason Martens)Vivaldi, Antonio12Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Gloria / English version J Machlis (64 p)Vivaldi, Antonio6Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Gloria a DiosBergs, Roger30Musicata (Hamilton)
Gloria deo per immensWillan36Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Gloria In ExcelsisWeelkes, Thomas48Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Gloria in Excelsis Mozart85King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Gloria in Excelsis Vivaldi116King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Gloria in excelsis deoThiman39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Gloria in excelsis deoVivaldi48Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Gloria in excelsis deoJolley44Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Gloria in excelsis, from 12th MassMozart, W.A.40Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Gloria! Gloria!Caldwell26Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Glorious and powerful GodStanford40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Glorious is the LandBell, Leslie R.41Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Glorious is the Land Bell62King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Glory Rimsky-Korsakov93King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Glory Be to God in the Highest Pergolesi93King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Glory BoundShafferman J.A. Arr.75Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Glory to GodBach, J.S.98Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Glory to GodBortniansky46Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Glory to GodGregor19Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Glory to God in the highestPergolesi43Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Glory to God in the HighestBach/Ehret29Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Glory to the newborn king (Brass)Larson34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Glory, love and praise and honourHarris55Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
GlovesBeebe8Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Go Down MosesHailstork, Adolphus1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Go down MosesBevell41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Go forth with God!Shaw25Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Go in peace (Flute, Guitar and Bass)Cox60Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Go into the worldSleeth60Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Go not farZingarelli56Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Go tell it on the mountainSaylor2Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Go Tell it on the MountainHynson, Michelle Arr.78Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Go Tell it on the MountainJennings, Carolyn Arr.17Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Go tell it on the mountainRutter35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Go Tell it on the MountainPatterson16Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Go Tell it, He is Born (opt. Flute)Schram Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Go to dark gethsemaneNoble51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Go Where I Send Thee (8p)Caldwell, Paul/Ivory, Sean98Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Go, Lassie, GoSirett16Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Go, Lovely Rose Thiman96King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Go, Tell it on the Mountain Ehret28King Edward Choir (Barrie)
God be in my headRutter40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
God be in my headWalford Davies40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
God be in my headDavies35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
God Bless FamiliesSleeth7Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
God is a spiritSterndale Bennett40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
God is a spiritBennett35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
God is calling usSleeth46Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
God is come up with a shoutWillan38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
God is here (Bells)Pfautsch49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
God is with usTaverner30Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
God is working his purpose out (Brass)Shaw48Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
God Our Maker, Give us PeaceChristopherson25Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
God rest ye merry, gentlemen (8 p)Snyder, Audrey79Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
God Save the QueenTraditional arr. MacMillan, Sir Ernest161Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
God Save the QueenElgar45Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
God Save the Queen MacMillan King Edward Choir (Barrie)
God so loved the worldStainer53Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
God so loved the worldGoss40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
God so loved the worldGoss35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
God So Loved the WorldHorman43Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
God's alive in meWagner14Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Goin' HomeDvorak, Antonin arr. Fisher, Willian Arms64Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Going Home Dvorak90King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Going to Grandma's Bennett31King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Golden Willow Tree, The Copland90King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Gondoliers, The Rodgers/Hammerstein King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Goober peasMoore15Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Good aleRutter30Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Good King Wencelas (Brass)Nelson33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Good King WenceslasWillcocks, David/Jacques85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Good NewsAlthouse, Jay78Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Good Riddance (Time of your life) (Taylor) (11p)Green Day/Joe, Billie80Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Gopak Moussorgsky21King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Gospel MassRay, Robert85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Gracious Lord of all our BeingBach, J.S.45Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Gracious spirit, dwell within meLeatherman49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Gracious spirit, Holy GhostErickson20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Grandma's killer fruitcakeShropshire+Abrams / arr. Emerson1Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Grant us thy peaceMendelssohn35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Grant us thy peaceMendelssohn37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Grant us thy peaceMendelssohn28Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Grant us thy peace (Verleih uns Frieden)Mendelssohn, F.85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Grant, we beseech theeShaw30Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Great Day Dennard84King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Greater love hath no manIreland52Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Greater Love Hath No Man Ireland75King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Green Leaves of SummerWilson, Harry Robert Arr.64Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
GuantanameraHabash, J. M. Arr.65Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Haec DiesByrd, William40Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Haec diesArcadelt40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hail Glorious DayWillis, Schaefer Arr.8Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Hail Thee, Festival Day Willan7King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Hail to the Lord's anointedTours/Scholin33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hail, Gladdening Light Willan6King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Haleluya (Psalm 150)GLICK, Srul Irving28Musicata (Hamilton)
Halleluia singWilkinson43Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Halleluja Amen, AmenHandel1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
HallelujahBEETHOVEN, Ludwig van30Musicata (Hamilton)
HallelujahBeethoven41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hallelujah Beethoven 90King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Hallelujah Cohen King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Hallelujah (from Shrek) (Emerson, R.) (11p)Cohen, Leonard96Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Hallelujah (Shrek version)Cohen / arr. Emerson28Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Hallelujah ChorusHandel35Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Hallelujah Chorus Handel86King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Hallelujah, amen and choraleWagner57Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Handful of Keys (from Ain't Misbehavin' )Waller, Thomas (Fats) arr. Leavitt, John.75Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Happiness [You're a good one Charlie Brown]Gesner10Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Happy Christmas EveBarnard22Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Happy Holiday / White ChristmasBerlin, Irving arr. Lojeski, Ed40Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Hark 10,000 harps and voices (Brass)Courtney36Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hark the glad sound! The saviour comesWolff37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hark the glad sound! The saviour comesDavies35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hark the Herald Angels SingTraditional1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Hark the Herald Angels SingTraditional arr. Wedd, Patrick1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Hark the Herald Angels SingWedd, Patrick & Willcocks, David arr.85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Hark the Herald Angels SingBURNEY, C. (Arr. J. Laing)23Musicata (Hamilton)
Hark the Herald Angels SingMendelssohn, Arr. Adams65Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Hark! The Herald Angels +Instruments (Dan Forest)24p Mendelssohn, F.149Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Hark! the Herald Angels SingForrest, Dan Arr.78Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Hark! The herald angels singMendelssohn42Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Harp of wildBevan, Allan1Baladears (Ottawa)
Haste On, My Joys Finzi95King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Have Ye not Known/Ye Shall have a SongThompson, Randall25Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Have you not known?Scott51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Have Yourself a Merry Little ChristmasMartin & Blane, Arr. Hayes85Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Have yourself a merry little Christmas (Huff, Mac) (8 p)Martin, Hugh/Blane, R.79Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
He' calling my nameSimms48Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
He Came All So StillBETTS, Lorne24Musicata (Hamilton)
He is blessed that cometh (Requiem)Mozart35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
He is risenMueller62Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
He is risenGadsby56Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
He never said a mumbalin' wordHopson48Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
He shall feed his flockBeck53Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
He that shall endure to the endMendelssohn44Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
He that shall endure to the endMendelssohn35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
He wants not friends that hath they loveMendelssohn25Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
He was wounded for our transgressionsGraun39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
He, watching over IsraelMendelssohn37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
He, Watching Over Israel Mendelssohn65King Edward Choir (Barrie)
He, Watching Over Israel Mendelssohn69King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Hear my prayerMendelssohn, F.52Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Hear my prayer Mendelssohn29Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hear My Prayer, O LordPURCELL, Henry36Musicata (Hamilton)
Hear My Prayer, O LordPurcell, Henry67Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Hear my prayer, O LordPurcell38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hear my wordsPaulus15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hear O People-4 Anthems for Young ChoirsNelson38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hear Our SupplicationMozart/Hilton9Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hear the Sounds of the Shepherds Piping Rogers129King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Hear us, O SaviourAuber25Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hear, LordTchaikovsky35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Heather on the Hill, The Lerner/Lowe30King Edward Choir (Barrie)
heaven HavenBARBER, Samuel30Musicata (Hamilton)
HeiligMENDELSSOHN, Felix29Musicata (Hamilton)
Heilig (Holy) (8p)Mendelssohn, F.86Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Help us accept each otherHruby10Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Help us to help each otherWolff49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Here beauty dwells and holinessThimas43Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Here Comes the Sun Harrison/Billingsly70King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Here I am Lord (Bells)Schutte41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Here is the Little DoorHOWELLS, Herbert24Musicata (Hamilton)
Here O my LordDaley38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Here we come a-caroling (vol. 2)Spevacek, Linda arr.77Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Here's to Song MacGillivray/Adams34King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Here's To SongMacGillivray, Arr. Adams, L.65Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Here's to song (Adams, Lydia) (19 p)MacGillivray, A.96Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
He's Gone AwayMontgomery, Bruce6Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
He's risen, Christ Jesus, the LordPelz47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
HiawathaColeridge-Taylor82Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Hide not thou thy faceFarrant40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hide not thou thy faceFarrant/Ramsbotham35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hills of the NorthCattell, Margrit85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
HMS Pinafore Gilbert and Sullivan King Edward Choir (Barrie)
HodieTelfer, Nancy5Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Hodie Telfer98King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Hodie ApparuitDi Lasso, Orlando16Musicata (Hamilton)
Hodie ChristusSweelinck45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hodie Christus Natus EstGabrieli1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Hodie Christus Natus EstTresham, Scott1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Hodie Christus Natus EstTresham, Scott84Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Hodie Christus natus estWillan, Healey65Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Hodie Christus Natus EstBYRD, William30Musicata (Hamilton)
Hodie Christus Natus EstGABRIELI, GiovanniBrassMusicata (Hamilton)
Hodie Christus Natus EstPALESTRINA, G.P.15Musicata (Hamilton)
Hodie Christus Natus EstRIVERS, Robert G.23Musicata (Hamilton)
Hodie Christus Natus EstSWEELINCK, Jan Pieterszoon36Musicata (Hamilton)
Hodie Christus Natus EstSWEELINCK, Jan Pieterszoon7Musicata (Hamilton)
Hodie Christus Natus Est Gabrieli108King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Hodie Christus Natus Est Willan92King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Hodie Christus Natus Est (file folders missing)Bedford15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hodie Christus Natus Est in "Christmas & Advent Motets for 5 voices"SWEELINCK, Jan Pieterszoon30Musicata (Hamilton)
Hodie Christus Natus Est!Hubelit, Brian83Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Hodie!Stroope, Z. Randall1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Hodie!Stroope, Z. Randall84Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Hodie, Christus Natus EstOwolabi, Kola85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Hodie, Christus Natus EstWillan, Healey35Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Hodie, Christus Natus EstWillan48Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hodie, Christus natus est (6p)Willan, Healey56Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Holy Birth, TheWadely, F.W.60Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Holy Blessed TrinityTchaikovsky41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Holy is the LordBorrtniansky13Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Holy is the true lightHarris40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Holy Lord GodCain41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Holy manna (Flute)Paulson13Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Holy MosesHazell50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Holy Spirit Lord of loveMacPhail40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Holy, Holy, HolyPalestrina41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Holy, Holy, HolySchubert35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Holy, Holy, HolyTchaikovsky35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hombe Ekwueme90King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Home Alone (Three Holiday Songs)Williams, John70Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Home I'll BeMacNeil, Rita65Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Home is a Special Kind of Feeling Rutter98King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Homeward BoundMarta Keen arr. Jay Althouse75Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Homeward Bound Rutter58King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Homeward bound (Jay Althouse) (7p)Keen, Marta46Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Honor and GloryBach, J.S.34Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Honor and GloryBach37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hope for Resolution (11 p)Caldwell, Paul /Ivory, Sean79Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Hope is alive (Brass)Lantz34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
hope, faith, life, loveWhitacre, Eric70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Horatii Carmen 11.1 Kodaly92King Edward Choir (Barrie)
HosannaKloppers50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
HosannaSmith/Larson34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hosanna in the HighestMusic59Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hosanna in the HighestPote45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hosanna sing praisesMoody32Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hosanna to the KingForrest39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hosanna to the Living LordWillan37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hosanna to the Son of DavidGIBBONS, Orlando48 (33/15Musicata (Hamilton)
Hosanna to the son of DavidHutchings50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hosanna, rejoice and sing (Bells)Holstein53Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hour has Come, TheGlick, Srul Irving70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
How beautiful upon the mountainsStainer34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
How can I keep from singingLightfoot34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
How far is it to BethlehemShaw39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
How far is it to BethlehemWagner23Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
How Gently Falls the Snow Blaine94King Edward Choir (Barrie)
How goodly are thy tentsGore Ouseley40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
How Great Our Joy + Instruments (12p)Courtney, Craig149Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
How great thou artHine2Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
How long the prophets criedClemens49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
How long wilt thou forget mePflueger34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
How lovely are the messengersMendelssohn54Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
How Lovely Are the Messengers Mendelssohn73King Edward Choir (Barrie)
How lovely are they dwellings (11p)Brahms, Johannes51Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
How lovely are thy dwellingsBrahms50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
How lovely are Thy dwellings -> How lovely is Thy dwelling placeBRAHMS, Johannes16Musicata (Hamilton)
How lovely are thy dwellings fairThiman39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
How lovely is the House of GodButler24Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
How Lovely Is Thy DwellingBrahms, Johannes61Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place Brahms19King Edward Choir (Barrie)
How many are your works (flute, percussion)Paige33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
How QuietlyRaney, Joel66Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
How quietlyRaney49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
How They do so Softly RestWillan, Healey1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
How will we know Him?Algozin15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Howl YeThompson, Randall25Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Huron CarolAnderson, Robert B. arr.83Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Huron CarolWillan42Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Huron Carol arr. Johnston48King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Huron Carol Anderson99King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Huron carol (8 p)Anderson, R./Middleton,J.60Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Huron Carol, The Daley76King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Hush My Babe, Lie still & SlumberLindh15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hush! Somebody's Calling My Name Dennard89King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Hush, My DearEVANS, Robert34Musicata (Hamilton)
Hush, somebody's calling my name (8p)Dennard, B.58Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Hymn after a "Song of Wisdom"Stanford39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hymn Anthem on "Marion" Willan78King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Hymn Anthem on "Quanta Qualia" Willan5King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Hymn of peaceKent34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hymn of PraiseMendelssohn52Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Hymn of PraiseMendelssohn4Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Hymn of PraiseMendelssohn50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hymn of Praise Mendelssohn77King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Hymn of PromiseSleeth10Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hymn to FreedomPeterson Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hymn to freedom (Read, Paul) (10 p)Peterson, Oscar/Hamilton36Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Hymn to Music Buck73King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Hymn To Saint John the Baptist (Ut Queant Laxis)MONTEVERDI, Claudio13Musicata (Hamilton)
Hymn to the mother of God - in Choral Collection (Taverner)Taverner7Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Hymn to the TrinityKopyloff49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hymn to the TrinityTchaikovsky40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Hymn to the virginBritten5Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Hymn to the Virgin, ABritten, Benjamin57Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Hymne a la ViergeVILLETTE, Pierre31Musicata (Hamilton)
Hymne a la ViergeVILLETTE, Pierre23Musicata (Hamilton)
I am the Good ShepherdWood29Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I am the resurrection and the life (Brass)Dengler39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I am your ChildManilow20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I Believe in SpringtimeRutter, John41Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
I Believe in Springtime Berlioz King Edward Choir (Barrie)
I bind unto myself todayScott5Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I Bought Me a Cat Copland69King Edward Choir (Barrie)
I Carry Your Heart with meDickau, Dick73Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
I Could Have Danced All NightLerner & Loewe39Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
I cried to theeMacPhail41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I Don't Know How To Love HimRice/Webber2Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
I Dream a WorldThomas, Andre J.70Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
I Fear Thy KissesThomson, George17Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
I feel the spiritBesig34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I feel the SpiritBesig14Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I have longed for thy saving healthByrd51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I have seen the light (Orch)Machen34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I have theeHurko28Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
I heard a voice from heavenGoss35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I heard the voice of Jesus say (flute)Tallis48Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I know I'm Somebody ('Cause God Created Me)Artman15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I know that my redeemer livesBunjes65Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I know that my redeemer livesBach 35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I Know Where I'm Goin' Russell-Smith72King Edward Choir (Barrie)
I love a piano (Philip Kern) (24 p)Berlin, /Kern49Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
I Love My LoveDickau, Dick73Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
I Love the Lord (Kathaumixw 2002)Smallwood50Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
I love theeKellner39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I never touched a RainbowArtman12Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I Praise the Tender Flower Finzi98King Edward Choir (Barrie)
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa ClausConnors, Arr. Lojeski78Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
I Saw Three ShipsLoomer, Diane arr.69Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
I saw three shipsOssewaard50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I Saw Three Ships Loomer85King Edward Choir (Barrie)
I saw three ships (Bells)Hustad49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I Saw Three Ships (Celtic Christmas) (15p)Stopford, Philip120Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
I saw Three Ships [Bells]Curry20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I See you GodBurrows20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I Sing of a Maiden Roff33King Edward Choir (Barrie)
I sing the greatness of our GodBock54Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I Sowed The Seeds Of LoveHOLST, Gustav25Musicata (Hamilton)
I Thank you GodKosche20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
i thank You God for most this amazing dayWhitacre, Eric70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
I waited for the LordMendelssohn52Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I Wanna Sing a Gospel Song Cobine58King Edward Choir (Barrie)
I Was GladSchram22Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I was glad Parry47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I was Glad When They Said Unto MeParry, Charles H.H.85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
I was glad when they said unto meJordan32Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I was glad when they said unto me (12 p)Parry, Hubert H Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
I Will Give My Love an Apple Wilkinson80King Edward Choir (Barrie)
I will give thanks to the LordCherwien51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I will give you rain in due seasonRowley54Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I will greatly rejoicePote32Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I Will Lift Mine Eyes Unto the Hillsarr. Smith79King Edward Choir (Barrie)
I will lift up mine eyes - in Choral Collection (Taverner)Taverner7Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
I will love Thee, O Lord (English Text)KALINNIKOFF, Vassily38Musicata (Hamilton)
I will not leave you comfortlessTitcomb36Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I will not leave you comfortless-4 An. For yg Ch.Nelson38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I will praise the name of the LordClark47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I Will Prasie YouPatterson6Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I will rejoicePerry21Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
i will wade outWhitacre, Eric70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
I wonder as I wanderNiles38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I Wonder As I Wander Niles49King Edward Choir (Barrie)
I Wonder As I Wander Rutter101King Edward Choir (Barrie)
I Write the SongsJohnston Bruce arr. Manilow, Barry9Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
I'm So Glad arr. Ehret72King Edward Choir (Barrie)
IfCARELSE, Clement (Arr.)11Musicata (Hamilton)
If I Loved YouRodgers/Hammerstein76Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
If I Were the Leader of the BandToce/Clonick87King Edward Choir (Barrie)
If music be the food of loveDickau30Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
If Music be the Food of LoveDickau, Dick74Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
If Thou Art NearBach, J.S.1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
If we believeGoss40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
If we believe that Jesus diedGoss35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
If ye love meTALLIS, Thomas40Musicata (Hamilton)
If ye love meTallis35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
If ye love me, keep my commandmentsTallis47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
If ye love me, keep my commandmentsTallis40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Ikon of Saint CuthbertTavener37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Ikon of St. Cuthbert - in Choral Collection (Taverner)Taverner7Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Il est Bel et BonPassereau, P.1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Il Est Bel et BonPASSEREAU13Musicata (Hamilton)
Il Est Bel et Bon Swingle22King Edward Choir (Barrie)
I'll be home for ChristmasKent, Walter and Gannon, Kim arr. Mac Huff70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
I'll Be Home for ChristmasGilpin, Greg Arr.79Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
I'll be seeing you (Spevacek, Linda) (8p)Fain, S / Kahal, I55Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
I'll give my love an apple (10p)Raminsh, Imant23Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
I'm goin' to singParker49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I'm goin' up a yonderHawkins30Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I'm goin' up a yonder Read,Paul) (12p)Hawkins, Walter39Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
I'm gonna singCoffin40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My HairRodgers/Hammerstein45Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Im Herbst (In Autumn) Brahms80King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Immortal InvisibleHornibrook39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Impossible Dream, The Metis84King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Impossible Dream, The Frank69King Edward Choir (Barrie)
In a Monastery Garden Ketelby78King Edward Choir (Barrie)
In Annunciationis Beatae Mariae VirgineaVICTORIA, Tomas Luis de9Musicata (Hamilton)
In Dulci JubiloBUXTEHUDE, Dietrich28Musicata (Hamilton)
In Dulci JubiloBUXTEHUDE, Dietrich23Musicata (Hamilton)
In Dulci JubiloSCHEIDT, SamuelBrassMusicata (Hamilton)
In Flanders FieldsDaley, Eleanor85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
In Flander's FieldsHealey, Derek72Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
In flander's fields (flute)Nelson34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
In heaven it is always autumnHolst35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
In heavenly love abidingGillette35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
In Joseph's lovely gardenDickinson42Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
In Joseph's lovely gardenDickinson16Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
In My heartMcBride, Chelsea Musicata (Hamilton)
In Paradisum + Sax (13p)Corlis, Tim24Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
In remembrance (flute)Red45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
In Remembrance (from "Requiem")Daley, Eleanor85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
In Remembrance (Requiem)Daley, Eleanor74Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
In Stiller NachtBrahms, Johannes60Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
In terra paix (23p)Finzi, Gerald/Bridges, R29Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
In the Bleak Mid WinterHolst, G., Arr. Teed, Pamela67Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
In the Bleak Mid WinterHolst, Gustav33Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
In The Bleak MidwinterDARKE, Harold E.30Musicata (Hamilton)
In the bleak midwinterDarke50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
In the Heavenly Kingdom Willan6King Edward Choir (Barrie)
In the Night We Shall GoRAMINSH, Imant Musicata (Hamilton)
In The Night We Shall Go InRaminsh, Imant67Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
In the night we shall go inRaminsh, Imant1Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
In the year that King Uzziah diedWilliams51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
In These Delightful Pleasant Groves Purcell83King Edward Choir (Barrie)
In Youth is Pleasure Willan6King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Inch Worm (The)Loesser, Frank1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Infant HolyRubbra31Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Into the Woods etc.   King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Into the woods my master wentNoble44Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Into this world of sorrowBuck35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Introit and choral prayerArcher51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Invocation of Orpheus Peri70King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Irish BlessingBevell35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Irish Blessing Chilcott82King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Irish blessing (4 p)Chilcott, Bob96Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Irish Psalm + Instruments (11p)Rash, Daniel99Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Irving Berlin Christmas, AnBerlin, I., Arr. M Brymer&M Brown89Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Irving Berlin: A Century of SongHuff, Mac. Arr.66Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Is it nothing to you?Ouseley35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
I'se the b'y (16 p)Govedas, John E34Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Israel in EgyptHandel11Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
It came upon a midnight clearBevell43Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
It Couldn't Be DoneDaley, Eleanor75Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
It is a great day of joyVic37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
It Was a Lover and His Lass Swingle78King Edward Choir (Barrie)
It Was a Lover and His Lass Swingle/PDQ Bach91King Edward Choir (Barrie)
It Was a Lover and His Lass Morley16King Edward Choir (Barrie)
It was a lover and his lass (15 p)Swingle, W./Shakespeare47Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
It wasn't even rainingSummers20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
It's Impossible Metis22King Edward Choir (Barrie)
It's only a paper moon + Instrumental (K. Shaw) (11p)Arlen,H./Rose & Harbourg69Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
It'a a Grand Night for SingingRODGERS, Richard20Musicata (Hamilton)
It's a Grand Night for SingingRodgers/Hammerstein69Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
It's a Wonderful Time of the YearWyle/Hayes, Pola60Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
It's all ove meHairston50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
It's beginning to look a lot like ChristmasWilson / arr. Hayes28Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like ChristmasWILLSON, Meredith29Musicata (Hamilton)
It's cool in the furnaceRed18Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
It's Easter MornHodgkins8Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
It's me, O LordSchutz14Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
It's the most wonderful time of the yearWyle / arr. Hayes28Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Iustorum AnimaeBYRD, William29Musicata (Hamilton)
Jabula Jesu Hatfield89King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Jabula Jesu (12p)Hatfield, Stephen91Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Jack and Jill Diack51King Edward Choir (Barrie)
J'appartiensLevasseur-Ouimet, arr. Bevan, Allan1Baladears (Ottawa)
Jauchert Gott in Allen Landen, BWV 51BACH, J.S.1Musicata (Hamilton)
Java jiveDrake24Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Jazz GloriaSleeth59Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jehova Quam multi sunt hostesPURCELL, Henry29Musicata (Hamilton)
Jersey BoysBrymet, Mark arr.70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Jersey Boys (Choral Highlights) (31p)Brymer, Mark160Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Jerusalem Parry65King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Jesous AhatonhiaWillan, Healey63Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Jesu dulcis memoriaVictoria40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jesu Meine FreudeBACH, J.S.31Musicata (Hamilton)
Jesu, grant me this, I prayGriffiths4Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jesu, Joy and treasureBach 35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jesu, joy of man's desiringBach40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jesu, joy of man's desiringBach35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jesu, joyance of my heartBach51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jesu, lamb of GodByrd35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jesu, lamb of GodMozart35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jesu, lead my footstepsBach40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jesu, lead my footstepsBach35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jesu, the very thought is sweetda Vittoria35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jesu, the very thought is sweetWood35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jesu, the very thought of theeBairstow40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jesu, the very thought of theeBairstow35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jesus born in Bethlea (13p)Kesselman, Leo R97Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Jesus born on this day (Orch)Carey29Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jesus Child Rutter93King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Jesus Child (2 copies with differing page numbers)Rutter44Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jesus Christ the Apple TreePoston, Elizabeth30Musicata (Hamilton)
Jesus Christ, the apple tree (7p)Sargent, Frank84Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Jesus Christ, the apple tree (bells)Schalk45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jesus in GethsemaneNolan4Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jesus knows me and this I loveBock53Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jesus lives (Brass)Lantz37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jesus loves me (sax)Hassell39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jesus, like a Shepherd lead usLau22Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jesus, so lowlyFriedell50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jeu d'enfantCardy, Patrick43Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Jhesu Christ, Saint Mary's SoneHandel68p*Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
JigsMoore, J. David arr.69Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Jingle bell fantasyHuff30Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Jingle Bell RockBeal/Boothe, Joe & Jim64Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Jingle BellsSterling Robert arr.85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Jingle Bells Langford84King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Jingle Bells (Kirby Shaw) (6p)Pierpont, J119Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Jingle Bells (Kings Singers)  80King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Jingle Bells (Variations on)Hayes, Mark69Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Jingle Bells CalypsoTellep, Leo M.65Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Jingle, Bells Willcocks89King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Jinny, Git Around (16p)Garris, N.B.99Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
John Henry (19p)DeCormier, Robert29Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
John Kanaka Chatman98King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Johnny-O and Sally Anne!Berg, Ken74Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Joined together as one body (Brass Quartet)Biery39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Joint Is Jumpin', TheWaller, Thomas (Fats)arr. Brymet, Mark76Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Jonah-man jazzHurd52Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Joseph & Mary to BethlehemHorman19Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor DreamcoatWebber15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Joseph Lieber, Joseph meinWALTHER, Johannes27Musicata (Hamilton)
Joshua Sells30King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Jovial Young SailorHealey, Derek arr.85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Joy came softlyBrook28Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
joy in the morning (2 trumpets, 2 trombones)Sleeth37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Joy to the WorldTraditional arr. Wedd, Patrick1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Joy to the WorldWedd, Patrick arr.85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Joy to the WorldMason/Culloton57Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Joy to the World Rutter83King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Joy! Joy! [Bells & Voices]Edwards23Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Joyous Christmas SongGevaert48Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jubilant Song (A)Joio, Norman Dello1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Jubilate DeoGabrieli arr. Casell, J.1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Jubilate DeoBach/Bergs29Musicata (Hamilton)
Jubilate DeoGABRIELI, Giovanni32+BrassMusicata (Hamilton)
Jubilate DeoLASSUS, Orlando Musicata (Hamilton)
Jubilate DeoAnglea, Peter75Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Jubilate DeoYoung 51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jubilate DeoBritten47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jubilate DeoWillcocks53Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jubilate DeoFink51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jubilate DeoPoorman10Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jubilate DeoKessleman12Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jubilate Deo 10pPetersson, Gunnar27Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Jubilate Deo (flute)Telfer10Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Jubilate Deo Omnis TerroPHILIPS, Peter38Musicata (Hamilton)
Jubilate DominoSwann26Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Judas MaccabaeusHandel, G.F.24Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Judge eternalMerchant61Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Judge me, O GodMendelssohn35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Judge Me, O God Mendelssohn57King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Jumalisten JouckoCHATMAN, Stephen30Musicata (Hamilton)
Just a closer walk with theeLojeski43Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Just as He Said (Bells)Manor20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Just as I amBevell35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Just as I amSchoenfield7Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Justorum animaeSTANFORD, Charles Villiers26Musicata (Hamilton)
Keep SilenceHelgen, John Arr.78Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Keep Your LampsThomas, Andre Arr.40Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
KeewaydinFREEDMAN, Harry29Musicata (Hamilton)
Keys of Heaven, The Trad.30King Edward Choir (Barrie)
King DavidHonegger, Arthur48Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
King DavidHonegger, Arthur1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
King JesusNorquist10Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
King of GloryBach35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
King of glory, King of peaceBach40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
King shall rejoice (25p)Handel, George F82Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
King TriumphantAshford36Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
K-K-K-Katy Frey6King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Kling, Glockchen, Kling (Weihnachtslieder)Mager, Stephen61Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Knowledge 5pHenderson, Ruth100Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Komm, Jesu, KommBach, J.S.24Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Komm, Jesu, kommBACH, J.S.25Musicata (Hamilton)
Konzert für chorSchnittke23Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Kuimba AsantePerry43Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Kuimba AsantePerry19Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Kum Bah Yah arr.Scherer80King Edward Choir (Barrie)
KumbayaSjoland35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
KumbayaSjolund30Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
KyrieMENDELSSOHN, Felix35Musicata (Hamilton)
KyrieSchubert, Franz63Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Kyrie (from Memorial)Clausen, Rene64Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Kyrie and AlleluiaVan Dyne, Robert A.49Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Kyrie EleisonDvorak7Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Kyrie Eleison, Benedictus, Agnus DeiCARELSE, Clement3Musicata (Hamilton)
la Claire fontaineJohnston, ? arr.25Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
La messe québecoiseHoudy, Pierick87Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
La PasseggiataROSSINI, G.30Musicata (Hamilton)
La Peregrinacion  69King Edward Choir (Barrie)
La Vie en RoseLouigy59Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Lacrymosa (Requiem)Mozart, W.A.56Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Laetetur JerusalemHENDERSON, Ruth Watson28Musicata (Hamilton)
Lake Isle of Innisfree, TheDaley, Eleanor55Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Land of Hope and Glory Elgar43King Edward Choir (Barrie)
LandscapesArcher, Violet85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
LarkCOPLAND, Aaron23Musicata (Hamilton)
Lark in the clear air (7p)Calvert, Stuart59Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Lark in the Clear Air, the Ives78King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Lass', O Herr, mich hulfe findenMENDELSSOHN, Felix30Musicata (Hamilton)
Last Supper (The)Handel, Eric. H. Thiman1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Last Words of David, TheThompson, Randall64Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Last words of DavisThompson35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Laudamus Sleeth17Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Laudamus TeSchram21Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Laudamus TeSleeth0Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Laudate DominumBussière, Michael85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Laudate DominumMONTEVERDI, Claudio32Musicata (Hamilton)
Laudate DominumCazzati, Maurizio50Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Laudate DominumMozart, W.A.85Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Laudate DominumBissell54Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Laudate DominumThalben-Ball40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Laudate DominumMozart39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Laudate Dominum Honegger94King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Laudate Dominum Mozart68King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Laudate Dominum Bissell69King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Laudate Dominum (8p)Mozart, W.A.47Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Laudate Jehovam, omnes gentes (O Praise the Lord, All Ye Nations)TELEMANN, Georg Philipp21Musicata (Hamilton)
Laudate Pueri (16p)Mozart, W.A.58Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Laudibus in SanctisBYRD, William27Musicata (Hamilton)
Laughing Chorus Root67King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Lay a GarlandPEARSALL, Robert Lucas32Musicata (Hamilton)
Le Chant des OyseauxJANEQUIN, Clement1Musicata (Hamilton)
Le temps de vivreMOUSTAKI, Georges~48Musicata (Hamilton)
Le temps de vivreMoustaki, Provencher Arr.110Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Lead me home (6 p)Barnum, Eric William56Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Lead me LordWesley35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lead me, guide meFerrin31Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lead me, LordWesley55Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lead me, LordWesley40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lead, Kindly LightHarriss, Charles85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
LebenslustSCHUBERT, Franz30Musicata (Hamilton)
Lee Shore, TheBrown, Allanson G.Y.54Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
LegendTchailovsky, P75Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Leise rieselt der SchneeEwashko, Laurence arr.28Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Lennon/McCartney Medley #2Lennon/McCartney80Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Les chansons des rosesLauridsen, Marten42Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Les Miserables Lojeski40 + xeroxes (40?) missingKing Edward Choir (Barrie)
Les RaftsmenWatson, Ruth1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep SilenceBAIRSTOW, Edward C.6Musicata (Hamilton)
Let all mortal flesh keep silence Holst51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Let all mortal flesh keep silence (Bells)Paulson34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Let all the world (in every corner sing)Thiman39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Let all the World in every corner singLang21Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Let it snow!Cahn / arr. Lojeski28Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary's (Eleanor Daley) (8p)Kelland149Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Let me fly (15p)DeCormier, Robert105Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Let my complaint come before theeBatten/Bevan41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Let not your heart be troubledClark38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Let the River RunSimon, Carly arr. Johnson, Craig Hella70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Let The River Run (Working Girl) (Kirby Shaw) (11p)Simon, Carly160Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Let there be MusicWilliams/Elliot12Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Let there be peace on earthMiller17Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Let Thy Hand Be StrengthenedBLOW, John31Musicata (Hamilton)
Let thy merciful ears, O LordWillams42Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Let thy merciful ears, O LordWeelkes44Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Let thy merciful ears, O LordMudd40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Let thy merciful ears, O LordWeekes.Fellows35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Let thy work appear -4Anthems for Young ChoirsNelson38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Let us go out in the snow (8 p)Smith, Richard W/Worth, H.57Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Let us now praise famous menVaughan Williams40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Let us now praise famous menWilliams35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Let your light so shine before menCabena51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Let's Call the Whole Thing OffGershwin, Arr. R Robinson70Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Lie Still, my Little OneHarriss, Charles83Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Liebeslieder Polkas 1. To His Coy MistressBach, P.D.Q.26Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Liebeslieder Polkas 10. Who is Sylvia?Bach, P.D.Q.26Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Liebeslieder Polkas 2. To the Virgins to Make Much of TimeBach, P.D.Q.25Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Liebeslieder Polkas 3. The Passionate Shepherd to his LoveBach, P.D.Q.26Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Liebeslieder Polkas 4. Why so Pale and Wan, Fond LoverBach, P.D.Q.27Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Liebeslieder Polkas 6. The Constant LoverBach, P.D.Q.29Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Liebeslieder Polkas 9. Farewell Ungrateful TraitorBach, P.D.Q.29Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Liebeslieder Waltzes Opus 52BRAHMS, Johannes30Musicata (Hamilton)
Lieder und Romanzen (6 Songs)BRAHMS, Johannes23Musicata (Hamilton)
LifeEnns, Jeff69Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Lift high the cross (Brass section)Nicholson32Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lift thine eyesMendelssohn6Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lift up your heads O ye gatesAnmer41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lift up your heads O ye gatesFreylinghausen/Willan42Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lift up your heads O ye gatesMathias52Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lift your voiceLantz37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Light a candel for peace (Cello)Schram45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Light came down (12p)Shaw, Kirby86Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Light of GodCattell, Margrit8Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Lighten our darknessDriver38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Like as the hartNovello37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Like as the hartHowells57Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Like silver lampsBarnby42Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lime jello marshmallow cottage cheese surpriseBolcom2Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Linden Lea Vaughan-Williams50King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Linden Lee (1.85)Vaughan Williams, R.25Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Lion King, TheBrymer, Mark arr.70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Lion Sleeps Tonight, The Emerson27King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Listen here! We are aliveGould38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Listen to the Sounds in HeavenPhillips/Scholz25Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Litaniae Lauretanae K195Mozart, W.A.11Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Little Birds (+ Piano parts) (14p)Whitacre/Paz24Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Little David, Play on Yo' HarpSARGENT, Malcolm (Arr.)28Musicata (Hamilton)
Little drummer boy, TheSimeone28Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Little Drummer Boy, The Simeone;Davis43;13King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Little Grey DonkeySleeth10Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Little Horses, The Copland57King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Little Organ MassHaydn, Franz Joseph1pBel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Little Road to Bethlehem, TheHead, Michael42Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Liturgy no.3 (English)Hurko19Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom #8 Cherubic HymnRachmaninoff28Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Lo How a Rose E'er BloomingCable, Howard85cBel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Lo How a Rose E'er BloomingCable, Howard, Arr. P. Teed73cBel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Lo! how a RoseDISTLER, Hugo28Musicata (Hamilton)
Lo! Star-led chiefsCrotch35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lo, God is hereGrieg46Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lo, He ComesHorman14Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lo, He ComesHorman8Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lo, how a roseNelson32Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lo, how a rose e'er bloomingPraetorius21Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lo, in the time appointedWillan51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lo, In the Time Appointed Willan6King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Lo, round the throne a glorious bandLey40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lo, round the throne a glorious soundHerman35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lobet den herrnBACH, J.S.30Musicata (Hamilton)
Lobster Quadrille Carrol/Fine92King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Loch LomondQuick, Jonathan arr.70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Loch Lomond Vaughan-Williams29King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Loch Lomond arr. Quick90King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Loch Lomond (7 p)Quick, Jonathan38Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Locus isteBruckner, Anton85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Locus IsteBruckner40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Locus IsteBruckner40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Locus Iste Bruckner King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Log Driver's WaltzHemsworth, Wade, Arr. Ron Smail75Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Lohengrin Chorus - Bridal ChorusWagner67*Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Londonderry Air Mattson80King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Long Ago Prophets KnewBergs, Roger and Pratt, Fred30Musicata (Hamilton)
Long Time Ago Copland83King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Long, Long AgoSirett15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Look to This DayLuboff, Norman1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Lord bless you and keep you (6p)Rutter, John72Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Lord Bless You and Keep You, TheRutter, John85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Lord Bless You and Keep You, The (130)Rutter, John25Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Lord for thy tender mercies' sakeFarrant51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lord God, we praise and thank you for your love 7Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lord I trust theeHandel40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lord I want to be a ChristianCarter12Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lord is My Light, The Allitson24King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Lord is my shepherd (10p)Rutter, John55Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Lord is my shepherd (16p)Schubert, Franz/Deis, C.103Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Lord is my Shepherd, TheSmart, Henry T. arr. Caswell52Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Lord is My Shepherd, The Schubert62King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Lord is My Shepherd, The Rutter91King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Lord Jesus, think on meFrance6Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lord Nelson MassHAYDN, Franz Joseph13Musicata (Hamilton)
Lord Nelson Mass Haydn56King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Lord of feasting and of hungerSchalk47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lord of the danceCarter51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lord, for the tender mercies sakeTye35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lord, for thy tender mercies sakeFarrant40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lord, For Thy Tender Mercies' SakeFarrant, R.40Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Lord, I Believe In You (Credo)Young, Gordon60Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Lord, I flee to thee for refugeMendelssohn35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lord, I Know I've Been Changed (8p)More/Regin135Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Lord, it belongs not to my careDavies35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lord, keep us steadfast in thy word (strings)Buxtehude39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lord, Let Me Know Mine EndGreene1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Lord, Listen to Your Children PrayingMedema30Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lord, make me an instrument (flute)Dengler51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lord, my trust is in thy mercyMendelssohn35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lord, thou has been our dwelling placeLekberg51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lord, we beseech theeBatten/Buck41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lord, whose love in humble serviceWienhorst51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lord's Prayer, The Mallotte87King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Lords PrayerQuinn, Christopher58Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Love bade me welcome - in Choral Collection (Taverner)Taverner7Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Love came down at ChristmasSirrett6Ewashko Singers (Ottawa)
Love Came Down at Christmas (8p)Stopford, Philip119Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Love Came Down at Christmas + Instruments (11p)Helvey, Howard149Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Love CandlesChubb, Jamie12Musicata (Hamilton)
Love EverlastingPote Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Love is BlueLuboff, Norman1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Love LostSjolund, Paul40Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Love LostSjolund, Paul1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Love One AnotherSleeth9Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Love Walked InZegree, Steve70Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Loveliest of TreesHOLMAN, Derek32Musicata (Hamilton)
Lover's arithmetic (from Love songs for Springtime) (8p)Halley, Paul29Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Lovers' Arithmetic, The Cooper99King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Love's PhilosophyThomson, George53Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Lovesong Waltzes Brahms80King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Loving Friend of EveryoneSchultz 9Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Loving Shepherd of thy SheepFrance30Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lulajze JezuniuBrandvik, Paul arr30Musicata (Hamilton)
Lullabies for the Christ child 32Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
LullabyGlick, Srul Irving15Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Lullaby Williams26Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lullaby (Suo-Gân/All Through the Night)Schram14Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lullaby for Mary's sonAnderson5Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lullaby for the Christ ChildWatson Henderson, Ruth70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Lullaby for the Christ ChildWatson, Henderson, Ruth1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Lullaby For The Infant KingGooch, Waren80Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Lullaby LoveKral, Joseph80Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Lullaby of the Duchess Carroll/Fine91King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Lullaby, My Sweet Little BabyBYRD, William29Musicata (Hamilton)
Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)Joel, Billy71Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Lullay my LikingHolst31Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Lully, LullaLEIGHTON, Kenneth Musicata (Hamilton)
Lute-Book Lullaby - Congaudeat (Carols)ANON (harm. by Geoffrey Shaw)13Musicata (Hamilton)
Lux Aeterna Lauridsen5King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Lux Aeterna Elgar79King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Lux Aeterna +1 Organ Score (52p)Lauridsen, Morten25Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Lux ArumqueWhitacre, Eric30Musicata (Hamilton)
Lux Aurumque Whitacre90King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Mack the KnifeRobinson, Russ Arr.65Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Madame Jeannette Lockton/Murray91King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Madrigal -- InhumainesFAURE, Gabriel35 plusMusicata (Hamilton)
Magnetic North Wearmouth64King Edward Choir (Barrie)
MagnificatPergolesi1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
MagnificatPergolesi, G.B.55Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
MagnificatDurante, Francesco30Musicata (Hamilton)
MagnificatPACHELBEL, Johann22Musicata (Hamilton)
MagnificatBach, J.S.79Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
MagnificatVivaldi1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
MagnificatSchram21Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
MagnificatSchram14Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Magnificat Rutter84 + instrs.King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Magnificat Pergolesi77King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Magnificat (70p)Vivaldi, Antonio100Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Magnificat (85p)Rutter, John97Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis Willan6King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Magnificat (+ instruments) (72p)Willcocks, Jonathan79Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Magnificat 1989PAERT, Arvo27Musicata (Hamilton)
Magnificat and Nunc DimitisHOWELLS, Herbert3Musicata (Hamilton)
Magnificat and Nunc DimittisHolman, Derek75Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Magnificat and Nunc DimittisLarkin, Matthew85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Magnificat from Fifth ServiceTOMKINS, Thomas36Musicata (Hamilton)
Magnificat in DBach, J.S.1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Magnificat in DBach, J.S.23Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Magnificat in G (32p)Pachelbel, Johan68Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Magnificat, from Canticles for Evening ServicePiper, David & Deirdre44Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Magnificat, ThePergolesi56Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Mairi's Wedding (6p) Broeker, Jay84Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Mairi's WeddingChilcott, Bob arr.69Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Make a joyful noise Sirett45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Make a joyful noise to the LordRoff13Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Make and Break HarbourRogers, Stan/Smail, Ron40Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Make Me an Instrument of Thy PeaceMcDonald, Mary76Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Make My Heart Your MangerParker/Dengle45Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Make Our Garden Grow (Candide, 1957)Bernstein & Wilbur/arr. Robert Page70Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Make Them Hear You (Ragtime, 1988)Flaherty, Stephen Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Make We Joy Now In This FeastHOLMAN, Derek24Musicata (Hamilton)
Make We Joy Now In This FeastHolman, Derek60Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Make We Joy Now in this Feast Holman92King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Make We MerryScott, Kayron Lee62Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Making or Breaking 15pArnesen, Kim /Roberts, D27Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Man in the mirror - recorded by Michael Jackson (16p)Ballard/Garret80Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Man of La ManchaLeigh/Darion60Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Man of La Mancha Frank89King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Man that is born of a womanWesley35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Man Under the Bed, TheTelfer, Nancy60Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Manger Carol, AHarlan, Benjamin67Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Many Moods of Christmas (Suite 3) Shaw/Bennett67King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Many Moods of Christmas (Suite 4) Shaw/Bennett96King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Many Moods Of Christmas, TheShaw/Bennett29Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Many Years Ago [Bells & Voices]Edwards23Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
MariengartenLISZT, Franz41Musicata (Hamilton)
Mariengarten (separate from Liszt Society collection)LISZT, Franz20Musicata (Hamilton)
MarienliederBRAHMS, Johannes24Musicata (Hamilton)
Marvelous Toy, the Ehret92King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Mary AnnWatson, Ruth1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Mary Ann   King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Mary Did You KnowGreene, Buddy, Arr. Jack Schrader80Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Mary did you knowSchrader32Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Mary Had a BabyDawson, William L.78Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Mary Had a Baby Black92King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Mary rocks her child so tiny (7 p)Facer, Charles86Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Mary TrilogySmith, Gregg1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Mary Trilogy- 1. Ave MariaSmith, Gregg84Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Mary Trilogy- 2. Regina CoeliSmith, Gregg84Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Mary Trilogy- 3. Salve ReginaSmith, Gregg84Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Mary's Little Boy Chile Hairston1King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Mary's Lullaby Rutter89King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Mary's Lullaby Warner8Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Mary's lullaby (flute, cello)Price30Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Mary's MagnificatCarter40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Mary's Song at the MangerBrook1Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Masquerade Andrew Lloyd Weber89King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Masquerade - from Phantom of the Opera 1988Webber A.L., Arr. Ed Lojeski67Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Mass (Jazz) Dobrogosz80King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Mass in B minor Bach24King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Mass in C Beethoven King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Mass in C (Coronation) Mozart King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Mass in C Major (42 p)Schubert, Franz88Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Mass in C Major (Coronation Mass)Mozart, W.A.1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Mass in C minor Mozart42King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Mass In DDvorak50Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Mass in D Dvorak52King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Mass in E flatSchubert, F.5Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Mass in e-minorBruckner1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Mass in GSchubert, F.66Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Mass in G (64 p)Schubert, Franz21Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Mass in G minorVAUGHAN WILLIAMS, Ralph31Musicata (Hamilton)
Mass In Honor of St. NicholasHaydn, Franz Joseph9Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Mass of the Children Rutter45King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Mass of the Children & Children's Choir part (59/30p)Rutter, John79/44Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Master in the hallWilberg36Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Matona, Lovely MaidenLASSUS, Orlando2Musicata (Hamilton)
Matona, Lovely Maiden di Lasso/Greyson45King Edward Choir (Barrie)
May my light Shine [Opt. Bells]Mayo19Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
May the Good Lord Bless and Keep YouLojeski91King Edward Choir (Barrie)
May the Good Lord Bless and Keep YouWillson23King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Melodies AccordParker6Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Memories (from Songs of a Prospector) (4p)Chatman, S/Winkler, G.71Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Memory - from Cats 1982Webber, A.L., Arr. Ed Lojeski64Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Memory (Cats) Lojeski59King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Menuetto Mozart99King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Merry Christmas Jazz Cunningham143King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Messa di GloriaPuccini, Giacomo49Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Messa Di GloriaPuccini27Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Messa Di GloriaPuccini17Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Messa Di GloriaPuccini9Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Messa Di GloriaPuccini7Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Messa Di GloriaPuccini3Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Messa di Gloria Puccini84King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Messe BasseFAURE, Gabriel2Musicata (Hamilton)
Messe c-MollMOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus21Musicata (Hamilton)
Messe de Minuit pour NoelCharpentier, Marc Antoine12Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Messe de Minuit pour NoëlCharpentier, Marc-Antoine9Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Messe de Minuit pour Noel (Midnight Mass for Christmas)CHARPENTIER, Marc Antoine30Musicata (Hamilton)
Messe en Sol-MajeurPOULENC, Francis16Musicata (Hamilton)
Messe in E minorBruckner, Anton2Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Messe SolennelleGounod52Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Messe SolennelleGounod2Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Messe SolennelleGounod13Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Messe SolennelleGounod1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Messe SolennelleRossini1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
MessiahHandel20Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
MessiahHandel35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Messiah   King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Messiah +Inst - Violin,Cello/Bass & Viola (257p) Handel, George F58Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Messiah-HallelujahHandel8Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Mi'kmaq Honour Song Adams83King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Midwinter Chilcott82King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Mid-winter (8 p)Chilcott, Bob54Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Mikado, The Gilbert and Sullivan King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Miniwanka, or The Moments of WaterSchafer, R. Murray9Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Miserere (Psalm 51)ALLEGRI, Gregorio Musicata (Hamilton)
Miserere (Psalm 51)ALLEGRI, Gregorio (Arr. Ivor Atkins)45Musicata (Hamilton)
Miserere (Psalm LI)ALLEGRI, Gregorio24Musicata (Hamilton)
Miserere meiByrd, William56Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Miserere mei DeusAllegri, Gregorio85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Missa BrevisWillan46Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Missa Brevis Willan7King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Missa Brevis in CMozart, W.A.57Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Missa Brevis in CMozart, W.A.1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Missa Brevis in CMozart, W.A.2Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Missa Brevis in CMozart, W.A.1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Missa Brevis in CMozart, W.A.1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Missa Brevis in CMozart, W.A.1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Missa Brevis in CMozart, W.A.1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Missa Brevis in CMozart, W.A.1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Missa Brevis in C MinorRaminsh, Imant67Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Missa Brevis in FMozart, W.A.25Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Missa Brevis No. 3 Willan7King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Missa Brevis No. 5Willan, Healey41Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Missa Brevis Sancti Johannis de Deo (Little Organ Mass)Haydn, Joseph11Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Missa Brevis St Joannis de Deo (43 p)Haydn, Joseph46Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Missa Brevis XIV (St. Alphege)Willan, Healey54Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Missa ChoralisLiszt, F.5Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Missa ChoralisLiszt, F.39Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Missa Hodie Christus Natus EstPALESTRINA, G.P.33Musicata (Hamilton)
Missa in C, KV 46Fux, Johann Joseph1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Missa in C, KV 46Fux, Johann Joseph85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Missa LubaHaazen, Guido53Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Missa O Magnum Mysterium - Kyrie, Gloria, Agnus DeiVICTORIA, Tomas Luis de28Musicata (Hamilton)
Missa Papae MarcelliPalestrina, G.P. da57Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Missa Pax - GloriaCorlis, Timothy83Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Missa Pax - KyrieCorlis, Timothy23Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Missa Pax - Sanctus and HosannaCorlis, Timothy22Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Missa Pro Defunctis: 1. Introitus 2. Kyrie 5. Sanctus 9. Responsura Libera MeVICTORIA, Tomas Luis de29Musicata (Hamilton)
Missa Solemnis Beethoven40King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Missa Solemnis (Heilig-Messe)HAYDN, Franz Joseph25Musicata (Hamilton)
Missa SS. Philippi & Jacobi Willan7King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Missa: Puer Natus Est NobisTALLIS, Thomas24Musicata (Hamilton)
Modern musicBillings, William40Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Modern Te Deum (A)Swann, Donald1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Monotone Angel MacAfee93King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Moon RiverMancini, Henry & Mercer, Johnny arr. Coates, John70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Moon RiverMancini, Arr. J Coates, Jr71Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Moonlight on the MangerCourtney, Vicki59Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
More 20th Century Hymn TunesChurch Light Music Group (20th cent.)1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Morning Star Choir Book 31Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
MosesMedena51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Moses and the Freedom FightersHopson13Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Most Glorious God of LifeBeaudoin, Stuart70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Most glorious lord of lyfeGibbs35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Mount of OlivesBeethoven, L. von64Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Mourn not for theseLeahy39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Music Greenberg69King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Music Down in My Soul Hogan76King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Music Down in My Soul Hogan58King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Music Man, The Willson104King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Music Man, The (Selections From)Willson, M., Arr. Clay Warnick57Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Music spread thy voice around (14p)Handel, George F94Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Music to HearShearing, George, arr. By Roger Bergs Musicata (Hamilton)
Music Will Calm Thee Duey28King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Music, most wondrous lovely art (7p)Jeep, Johann24Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Music, Spread Thy Voice Around Handel11King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Music, When Soft Voices Die Wood41King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Musical journey through 12 days of Christmas (32p)Courtney, Craig85Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Musical RisottoWillcocks5Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
My Beloved SpakePURCELL, Henry25Musicata (Hamilton)
My beloved spakeHadley21Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
My Blue Heaven Frey15King Edward Choir (Barrie)
My Bonnie Lass She SmellethBach, P.D.Q.75Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
My Bonnie Lass She SmellethBACH, P.D.Q.28Musicata (Hamilton)
My Bonnie Lass She Smelleth Schickele5King Edward Choir (Barrie)
My bonnie lass she smelleth, Two madrigals from the Triumph of Thusnelda Bach, P.D.Q.47Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
My Bonnie Lass She Smileth Morley96King Edward Choir (Barrie)
My bonny lass she smileth (Dorff, Daniel) (7p)Morley, Thomas48Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
My dancing dayParker47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
My eyes for beauty pineHowells40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
My Fair Lady (A Choral Medley) (Andy Beck) (27p)Loewe, Frederick/Lerner160Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
My Funny ValentineHart, Lorenz arr Shaw, Kirby70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
My God is a rockKallman38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
My God, accept my heart this dayGibbons39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
My Heart is InditingHANDEL, George Frideric10Musicata (Hamilton)
My Lord, my MasterFrance25Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
My Lord, What a Mornin'Burleigh, Harry T.70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
My Lord, what a mornin'Gilliam5Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
My Lord, What a Mornin' Burleigh84King Edward Choir (Barrie)
My Lord, what a morningSchram9Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
My Love Dwelt in a Northern LandELGAR, Edward32Musicata (Hamilton)
My master hath a gardenAnderson8Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
My prayerPorter53Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
My shepherd is LordOxley40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
My song is love unknownNelson34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
My soul, there is a countryParry40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
My soul, there is a countryParry35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
My soul's been anchored in the LordHorjan34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
My Spirit Sang All DayFINZI, Gerald27Musicata (Hamilton)
My Spirit Sang All Day Finzi113King Edward Choir (Barrie)
My Vistula, Grey Vistula (plus Polish Wisolmoja, Wislo szara)GORECKI, Henryk Mikolaj37Musicata (Hamilton)
Mystery of Bethlehem, TheWillan, Healey90Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
NachtensBrahms, Johannes62Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
National Anthem, TheBritten, Benjamin61Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Nativity (The)Purcell, Henry1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Nella FantasiaMorricone, Arr. A Snyder71Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Never do the Bells sound more SweetlyEhret21Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Never weather-beaten saidWood40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Nightfall in Skye Roberton68King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Nisi Pontus Et AerPiper, Nicholas65Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
N'kosi Sikelel'i AfrikaEnoch Mankayi Sontonga70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
No Golden Carriage, No Bright ToyMartin23Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
No Man is an Island Whitney-Kramer54King Edward Choir (Barrie)
No need to knockAlbrecht13Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
No one is aloneSondheim, Stephen arr. Higgins, John70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Nobody know the trouble I've seen (R. Pack) (3p)Barron/Pack58Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen Barron91King Edward Choir (Barrie)
NoelMassenet, Jules, arr. By Bergs Musicata (Hamilton)
Noel C'est L'amourGlanzberg63Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Noel We Sing de Cormier/Biggs89King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Noel!Sametz, Steven49Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Noel!SusTroupe Chanteresse Kings Singers22King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Noel, C'est l'Amour Bellefeuille95King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Noel, c'est l'AmourBellefeuille, André81Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Noel, Noel Kirk85King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Nolo Mortem PeccatorisMorley/Morehen41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Nolo mortem peccatorisMorley40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Non Nobis DomineDoyle, P., Arr. G Preskett71Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Non Nobis Domine Doyle125King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Non nobis domine (Preskett,P) (9p)Doyle, Patrick47Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Non nobis, domineQuilter59Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Nordic Polska (35p)Edenroth, Anders/Kallio35Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Northwest PassageRogers, Stan, Arr.Teed, Pamela28Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Northwest Passage (Smail, Ron) (8p)Rogers, Stan14Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Now alien tonguesWehr50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Now Close the WindowsBergs, Roger28Musicata (Hamilton)
Now glad of heart (Brass)Scott38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Now is the Month of MayingMorley30Musicata (Hamilton)
Now is the Month of Maying Morley89King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Now is the Month of Maying Morley/Greyson26King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Now JesusKemp8Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Now let every tongue adore theeBach34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Now let the ancient hymn resoundLeaf27Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Now O death where is thy sting (Brass)Nagy40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Now shine, bright glow of majestyBecker51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Now Sing With Joy at Christmas Leonard70King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Now Thank We All our GodWillan, Healey38Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Now that daylight fills the sky (Bells)Hopson51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Now that the sun hath veil'd his lightPurcell35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Now the green blade riseth (bells)McChesney36Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Now the Holy Child is BornCross22Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Now to the earth is mercyBuck35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Now, O now I needs must partDOWLAND, John29Musicata (Hamilton)
Numc DimitisClausen32Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland (Cantata #61)Bach, J.S.13Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Nunc DimittisMoe34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Nutcracker Suite, The Tchaikovsky/Simeone122King Edward Choir (Barrie)
O be joyful Rutter50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O be joyful in the LordTitcomb58Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O beata et sacrosanctum diem in "Christmas & Advent Motets for 5 voices"PHILIPS, Peter27Musicata (Hamilton)
O Beloved Shepherds (O ihr lieben Hirten)HAMMERSCHMIDT, Andreas28Musicata (Hamilton)
O CanadaLavallée, Calixa arr. D. James50Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
O CanadaLavallée, Calixa arr. Unknown12Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
O CanadaLAVALLEE, Calixa (Arr. W. Strongman)27Musicata (Hamilton)
O CanadaRidout, Godfrey Arr.76Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
O Canada Ridout King Edward Choir (Barrie)
O' Canada (Lavallée)Lavallée, Calixa arr. MacMillan, Sir Ernest88Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
O Canada!LAVALLEE, Calixa (Ridout)38Musicata (Hamilton)
O Canada, arr. (1998)Lavallée, Calixa arr. Caswell, James80Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
O Canada, arr. (2000)Lavallée, Calixa arr. Caswell, James21Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
O Christ who art the light and dayByrd35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Clap your HandsGibbons, Orlando86Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
O Clap your HandsVaughan Williams, R.75Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
O clap your handsGIBBONS, Orlando38Musicata (Hamilton)
O clap your handsRutter51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O clap your handsGibbons36Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Clap Your Hands Vaughan-Williams168 85 + 78King Edward Choir (Barrie)
O Clap Your Hands (1.05)Rutter, John29Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
O Come All Ye FaithfulTraditional1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
O Come All Ye FaithfulTraditional arr. Wedd, Patrick1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
O Come All Ye FaithfulWedd, Patrick & Willcocks, David arr.85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
O come all ye faithfulParker38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O come and mournHopson49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Come Little ChildrenMcCartha20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O come ye servants of the LordTye55Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O come, let us sing unto the LordPiccolo40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O come, o come EmmanuelChapman33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Come, O Come ImmanuelRutter, John60Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
O DanielCaldwell19Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Domine Jesu Palestrina/Pisano88King Edward Choir (Barrie)
O gladsome lightBourgeois40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Gladsome light, O graceBourgeois35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O god of bethelTye35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O God, be mercifulTye41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O God, thou art my GodPurcell44Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O God, thou faithful GodBach35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Guiding NightWilliams, Roderick30Musicata (Hamilton)
O Happy EyesELGAR, Edward34Musicata (Hamilton)
O Heiland reiss die Himmel auf (O Savior, Rend the Heav'ns on High)BRAHMS, Johannes21Musicata (Hamilton)
O Holy ChildMcIntosh, Ralph54Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
O Holy LordDett, R. Nathaniel1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
O Holy NightRutter, John77Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
O Holy Night Lojeski89King Edward Choir (Barrie)
O Holy Spirit, Lord of graceTye40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O how amiable Vaughan Williams40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O how amiable are thy dwelling (Brass)Willams49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O JerusalemWilliamson61Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Jesus, grant me hope and comfortFranck51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Leave Your Sheep Samuelson14King Edward Choir (Barrie)
O little town of bethlehemBevell31Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Little Town of Hackensack PDQ Bach95King Edward Choir (Barrie)
O Lord GodBuck35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Lord my GodWesley40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Lord my GodArcadelt35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Lord my GodWesley35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Lord support us all the day longPote43Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Lord, give thy holy spiritTallis41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Lord, how manifold are thy worksBarnby43Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Lord, increase my faithGibbons/Fellows35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Lord, increase our faithLoosemore40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O lord, my God, to theeArcadelt40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Lord, open thou our lipsCarter40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Lord, Our LordMacPhail44Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Lord, support usFrance47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Lord, support usBesley35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Lord, the maker of all thingsFellows41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Lord, the maker of all thingsMundy40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Lord, the maker of all thingsMundy35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Lord, thou has searched me and known meArcher52Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Lord, we worship theeBach49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Lorde, the maker of al thingJoubert40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Lovely Nightingale Willan6King Edward Choir (Barrie)
O love's redeeming sacrificeElgar49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Lux Beata TrinitasMatsushita, Ko30Musicata (Hamilton)
O Magnum MysteriumCarrillo, César Alejandro69Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
O Magnum MysteriumEnns, Jeff60Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
O Magnum MysteriumGabrieli1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
O Magnum MysteriumHouston, Pamela85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
O Magnum MysteriumLauridsen, Morten73Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
O Magnum MysteriumHANDL, Jacob30Musicata (Hamilton)
O Magnum MysteriumLauridsen, Morten30Musicata (Hamilton)
O Magnum MysteriumLuengen, Ramona30Musicata (Hamilton)
O Magnum MysteriumPALESTRINA, G.P. Musicata (Hamilton)
O Magnum MysteriumPOULENC, Francis25Musicata (Hamilton)
O Magnum MysteriumVICTORIA, Thomas Luis de (Arr. Robert Shaw)11Musicata (Hamilton)
O Magnum MysteriumVICTORIA, Tomas Luis de31Musicata (Hamilton)
O Magnum MysteriumDa Vittoria, Tomas45Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
O Magnum mysteriumLauridsen41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Magnum Mysterium Victoria88King Edward Choir (Barrie)
O Magnum Mysterium Lauridsen78King Edward Choir (Barrie)
O magnum mysterium (9 p)DeVictoria, Tomas14Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
O Master let me Walk with theeSchroeder15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O mortal man, remember wellHurford51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O music (13p)Brunner, David /Gibran,K99Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
O Nata Lux de LumineTallis, Thomas38Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
O Nata Lux de LumineForbes, Guy30Musicata (Hamilton)
O Nata Lux de LumineTALLIS, Thomas1Musicata (Hamilton)
O Peaceful Night German71King Edward Choir (Barrie)
O Peaceful Night German48King Edward Choir (Barrie)
O Praise the Lord Willan83King Edward Choir (Barrie)
O praise the Lord, all ye nations (StringQ)Teleman47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Praise the Lord, who made all beautyHopson9Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Praise the Name of the Lord Tchaikowsky18King Edward Choir (Barrie)
O Pray for the Peace of JerusalemBLOW, John30Musicata (Hamilton)
O Pray for the peace of JerusalemTompkins41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O quam gloriosumVictoria40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O sacred feastWillan35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O sacrum conviviumMessiaen, Olivier75Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
O sacrum conviviumMESSIAEN, Olivier15Musicata (Hamilton)
O Sacrum Convivium (6p)Busto, Javier86Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
O Salutaris HostiaRossini, G.85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
O Salutaris HostiaEsenvalds, Eriks30Musicata (Hamilton)
O sapientia in "Christmas & Advent Motets for 5 voices"RAMSEY, Robert27Musicata (Hamilton)
O Saviour of the worldGoss 40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Saviour of the worldSomerwell40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Saviour of the worldGoss35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Saviour of the worldPalestrina35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Schone NachtBrahms, Johannes61Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
O Schone Nacht Brahms37King Edward Choir (Barrie)
O Sifuni Mungu Maddus85King Edward Choir (Barrie)
O Sing JoyfullyBatten/Bevan41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O sing unto the LordHassler31Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O Sing Unto the Lord a New SongWillan82King Edward Choir (Barrie)
O Susser Mai Brahms79King Edward Choir (Barrie)
O Tannenbaum Rutter90King Edward Choir (Barrie)
O taste and seeGoss45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O taste and seeWilliams47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O that I knew where I might find himSterndale Bennett40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O that I knew where I might find himBennett35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O thou, the central orbWood40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O virga ac diademaBINGEN, Hildegard von (Transcribed/Arr. J. Laing)6Musicata (Hamilton)
O Vos OmnesCasals, Pablo70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
O Vos OmnesDa Vittoria, Tomas60Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
O Waly, WalyRUTTER, John (Arr.) (Arr. J. Laing) Musicata (Hamilton)
O Waly, WalyCashmore, Donald41Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
O what their joy and their glory might beHarris35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O what their joy and their glory must beHARRIS, William H.25Musicata (Hamilton)
O worship the KingMaunder40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O worship the LordHollins37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O, have mercy on us (Miserere Nostri Domine)Palestrina50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
O, pray for the peace of JerusalemHowells52Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Oculi omniumWood40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Ode for St.Cecilia's Day (Choruses)PURCELL, Henry27Musicata (Hamilton)
Ode on St. Cecilia's Day (NOT "Alexander's Feast")HANDEL, George Frideric16Musicata (Hamilton)
Of a Rose, a Lovely RoseRUTTER, John33Musicata (Hamilton)
Of the Glorious body tellingde Victoria41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Of the Glorious body tellingda Vittoria60Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
OffertoryBeck45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Oh How Beautiful This FinelyWoven Earth Keen/Althouse90King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Oh JonahPote9Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Oh! I am Come to the Low CountrieNelson, Havelock43Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Oh, Come, Oh, Come, EmmanuelShakarian, R. Arr.55Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Oh, sing, my soul, your maker's praiseNystad46Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Oh, Sleep my dear little Baby (guitar or keyboard)Hawn9Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin'Rodgers26Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Oh, What a Beautiful MorningRogers8Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Ojibway SongKenins, Talivaldis41Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
OklahomaRogers, Richard & Hammerstein, Oscar66Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
OklahomaRodgers/Hammerstein1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Oklahoma! Rogers/Hammerstein88King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Oklahoma! (Oklahoma, 1943)Rodgers, R. Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Ol' Ark's A-Moverin (The)Ehret, Walter Arr./Siegmeister, E.43Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Ol' Dan Tucker Martin89King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Ol' Man River Hammerstein/Kern16King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Old King Cole Forsyth91King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Old Mayflower, TheSomers, Harry87Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Old time religionHogan15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Oliver Cromwell Britten25King Edward Choir (Barrie)
On Christmas DayDavenport1Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
On Eagles WingsWagner34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
On Earth As It Is In Heaven (Rene Clausen) (24p)Morricone, Ennio160Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
On Easter MorningSchultz9Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
On Richmond HillHook23Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
On Suuri Sun Rantas AutiusTraditional, arr. Smallman, Jeff`59Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
On this DayJothen20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
On this day earth shall ringStewart47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
On this day earth shall ring (Bells)Cherwien15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
On This Day Earth Shall Rise Stewart91King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Once in Love with Amy Loesser/Stickles24King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Once in Royal [Opt. Bells]Burroughs15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Once in Royal David's City (Celtic Christmas) (8p) Gauntlett, Henry119Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Once in Royal David's CityWedd, Patrick arr.91Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Once, As I RememberWOOD, Charles (Arr. J. Laing)52Musicata (Hamilton)
Only a mangerGallina18Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Only a mangerNelson37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Only In Sleep 9pEsenvalds, Eriks/Teasdale62Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Open Our Eyes Macfarlane24King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Open thou mine eyesRutter44Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Open thy gatesHarrison58Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Opera Choruses I (31 p)Gilbert & Sullivan81Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
OpferliedBEETHOVEN, Ludwig van31Musicata (Hamilton)
Orietur, Stella in "Christmas & Advent Motets for 5 voices"HANDL, Jacob27Musicata (Hamilton)
Os Justi Bruckner72King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Os justi (Gradual 2)Bruckner, Anton85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Ossa AridaLISZT, Franz41Musicata (Hamilton)
Our children (Funk) (8 p)Flaherty,S./Ahrens, Lynn75Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Our great Mikado (11p)Gilbert & Sullivan27Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Our hearts rejoice this day (Brass)Schrader38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Our Morning Hymn of PraiseLovelace Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Our soul waiteth for the LordPinkston33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Our Time Sondheim100King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Out of My DreamsRogers, Richard1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Out of the deep have I called unto theeMozart4Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Out Of Your Sleep (No.2 from Five Carols)BENNETT, Richard Rodney 29Musicata (Hamilton)
Over the RainbowArlen H., Arr. M. Hayes75Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Over the RainbowArlen, Harold/Chinn, Teena Arr.59Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Over the Rainbow Kendall17King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Oxford book of carols 45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Oye (16p)Papoulis, Jim138Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Pan - A Choric IdylHarriss, Charles83Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Pange Lingua GloriosiVICTORIA, Tomas Luis de29Musicata (Hamilton)
Panis AngelicusVILLETTE, Pierre29Musicata (Hamilton)
Panis AngelicusFranck C., Arr. K. Downing59Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Panis AngelicusSaint-Saens40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Panis AngelicusFranck39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Paradise, Song of Georgian BayDaley, Eleanor68Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Parce mihi DomineLasso, Orlando Musicata (Hamilton)
Parlez-moiLevasseur-Ouimet, arr. Bevan, Allan1Baladears (Ottawa)
Parting glassWailin' Jennys1Baladears (Ottawa)
Parting glass (6 p)Sirett, Mark 59Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Parting Glass, The Parker40King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Passion of Our Lord According to St. Matthew(The)Bach, J.S.1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Pastores LoquebanturGUERRERO, Francisco28Musicata (Hamilton)
Pasture (from Where the earth meets the sky) (7p)Stroope, Randall/Frost,R79Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Pat-a-panKrones33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Pater NosterKent, James2Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Peace came to earthScott32Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Peace Come AwayStanford, Charles62Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Peace I leave with youRoberts/Spicker27Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Peace PeacePavell, R & Sylvia1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Peace, peace (Bells)Bock/Powell51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Peacock, The Kodaly94King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Peg o' My Heart arr. Frey16King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Pentecost (Narrator)Meaker47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
People Look EastBissell, Keith1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
People, look eastButler44Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
People, Look East Collins55King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Peter on de sea, sea, seaOuchterlony12Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Peter on de Sea, Sea, Sea Ouchterlony63King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Petty Harbour Bait Skiff Telfer62King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Phantom of the opera Medley (Lojeski, Ed) (23p)Webber, Andrew L-94Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Phantom of the Opera, TheWebber, A. Lloyd, Arr. E. Lojeski16Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Pie JesuMcGlynn, Michael0Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Pie JesuWright, James63Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Pie JesuRutter, John74Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Pie JesuWebber, Andrew Lloyd41Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Pie JesuLightfoot20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Pie Jesu Andrew Lloyd Weber2 + 82 xeroxesKing Edward Choir (Barrie)
Pied Piper of HamelinParry, C. Hubert H.60Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Pilgrim PsalmsFinney, Ross Lee1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Pilgrims' Chorus Wagner30King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Pinball WizardTownshend, Pete arr. Huff, Mac70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Pink Panther (The)Mancini, Arr. J Althouse71Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Pirates of Penzance, The Gilbert and Sullivan King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Plaisir d/amourMartini, Jean P./Trinkley, B. Arr.77Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Plenty Good Room Shaw91King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Plenty good room (On the glory train) (12p)Shaw, Kirby11Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Polly Wolly DoodleLeavitt, John arr71Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Poor little Jesus (6p)Dixon, John S79Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Poor Lonesome Cowboy Luboff13King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Poor Wandering OnePirates of Penzance21Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Pop Tunes (The West, Diana, Blue Bird, Vive la Can.Unknown1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Porgy and Bess Gershwin99King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Power of the dream (Canada Day 1999)Anon.-Atlanta Olympics52Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
PraiseRoberts42Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
PraiseRowley39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Praise HimRingwald, Roy2Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Praise Our God Who Reigns in HeavenBach, J.S.66Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Praise rondoAntholz29Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Praise the LordMozart53Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Praise the LordBoyce12Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Praise the Lord who reigns aboveLindh9Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Praise this Holy BirthDawson16Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Praise to the Lord, for... (bells/trumpet)Bryce Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Praise to the lord, the almighty Lawson49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Praise to the lord, the almighty (Brass)Bunjes58Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Praise to thee, Lord JesusSchutz40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Praise ye the fatherGounod52Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Praise Ye the LordSchultz/Harris7Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Praise, O praiseHow40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Pray that JerusalemStanford40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Prayer Before SleepRabinovich, Sid58Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Prayer for guidancePote39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Prayer for Peace 15pDaley, Eleanor64Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Prayer for TodayTucker9Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Prayer of GethsemaneAlexander33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Prayer of St. FrancisCabena, Barrie1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Prayer of St. FrancisTogni32Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Prayer of St. FrancisRaminsh2Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Prayer of St. FrancisLitz15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Prayer of St. Francis Cabena105King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Prayer of St. PatrickVoornaar45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Prayer of thankful praiseHopson49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Prayer of the ChildrenBestor, Kurt arr. Andrea S. Klouse70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Prayer of the Norwegian ChildKountz/Deis18Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Preces and ResponsesShaw39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Prelude : De Spiritu SanctoRAPOPORT, Paul29Musicata (Hamilton)
Prelude to peace (8p)Stroope, Z. R./Teasdale, S88Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Preludium (The Sound of Music)Rodgers, R.46Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Prepare the royal highway (flute)Pote51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Prepare the Way Jasperse89King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Presentation of Christ in the TempleECCARD, Johannes27Musicata (Hamilton)
Procession With BellsAnonymous Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Processional Alleluia (Bells)Huges59Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Promise of Living, The Everett/Copland93King Edward Choir (Barrie)
PsallitePraetorius25Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Psallite Praetorius96King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Psalm 100Schütz, Heinrich1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Psalm 100SCHUTZ, Heinrich31Musicata (Hamilton)
Psalm 100Schutz, Heinrich32Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Psalm 100Anderson46Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Psalm 100 Roth22Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Psalm 100 (8p)Daley, Eleanor28Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Psalm 100 (14p)Henderson, Ruth38Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Psalm 100 (Brass)Schutz46Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Psalm 130Sadowski51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Psalm 23Stewart, Charles Hylton25Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Psalm 43Mendelssohn, F.85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Psalm for PentecostPeloquin31Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Psalm I (Chant)CARELSE, Clement28Musicata (Hamilton)
Psalm of David, ADello Joio, Norman1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Psalm TrilogyGlick, Srul Irving25Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Puer Natus Est NobisBYRD, William30Musicata (Hamilton)
Puisque tout passe (Since all is Passing)HINDEMITH, PAUL30Musicata (Hamilton)
Pussy Willows, Cat-tailsLightfoot, Gordon,Arr.Larry Nickel51Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Put out my Shoe [Bells& Voices]Edwards23Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Quant j'ai ouy le tambourin Trois Chansons #2DEBUSSY, Claude1Musicata (Hamilton)
Quant j'ai ouy le tambourin Trois Chansons #2DEBUSSY, Claude1Musicata (Hamilton)
Quatre Motets de Noel Poulenc46King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Quatre motets pour le temp de NoëlPoulenc, Francis69Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Quelle est cette odeur agreable? Organ & HarpMacmillan, Scott75Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Quem vidistis pastores?DERING, Richard40Musicata (Hamilton)
Qui seminant in lacrimisLISZT, Franz41Musicata (Hamilton)
Quick! We Have But A SecondSTANFORD, Charles V. (Arr.)35Musicata (Hamilton)
RaftsmenWatson Henderson, Ruth90Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Rattle on the Stovepipe, #3 of Three Canadian Folk SongsCOAKLEY, Donald (Arr.)33Musicata (Hamilton)
RecessionalWillan27Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Red River ValleyEnns, Leonard30Musicata (Hamilton)
Red River Valley (11p)Schram, Ruth Elaine88Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Regina CoeliMozart37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Regina Coeli (16 p)Mozart, W.A.85Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Regina Coeli (K.276)MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus28Musicata (Hamilton)
Regina Coeli (KV 127)MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus30Musicata (Hamilton)
Rejoice (Ed. E.H. Fellowes)BYRD, William18Musicata (Hamilton)
Rejoice and be merry + Instrumental (12p)Rutter, John98Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Rejoice and singBach22Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Rejoice In The LambBRITTEN, Benjamin35Musicata (Hamilton)
Rejoice in the Lord Elvey24Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Rejoice in the Lord AlwayANON 21Musicata (Hamilton)
Rejoice in the Lord AlwayPURCELL, Henry31Musicata (Hamilton)
Rejoice in the Lord AlwaysLeHuray/Willcocks41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Rejoice in the Lord AlwaysFellows48Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Rejoice in the Lord AlwaysPurcell25Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Rejoice in the Lord AlwaysRedford41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Rejoice in the Lord AlwaysPurcell40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Rejoice in the Lord AlwaysLey35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Rejoice in the Lord AlwaysPurcell35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Rejoice Oh JudahHandl1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Rejoice ye with JerusalemTitcomb37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Rejoice! Rejoice! EmmanuelSmith34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Rejoice, He is Born [Bells & Voices]Edwards23Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Rejoice, rejoiceRoth14Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Rejoice, rejoice! A babe is bornMaslen47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Reluctant DragonRutter, John30Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Remember not, Lord, our offencesPurcell35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
RequiemFauré, Gabriel1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
RequiemFauré, Gabriel41Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
RequiemWillan, Healey62Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
RequiemDURUFLE, Maurice1Musicata (Hamilton)
RequiemRUTTER, John3Musicata (Hamilton)
RequiemDaley, Eleanor18Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
RequiemFaure, Gabriel76Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
RequiemMozart, W.A.3Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
RequiemBrahms39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
RequiemDurufle50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Requiem Verdi4King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Requiem Daley47King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Requiem Dobrogosz80King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Requiem (46 p)Daley, Eleanor/Isler, Elmer75Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Requiem (105 p)Berlioz, Hector/Damrosch,L9Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Requiem - In paradisumFauré, Gabriel85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Requiem - SanctusFauré, Gabriel21Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Requiem (English version) Brahms85King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Requiem Mass Cherubini85King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Requiescant in paceNoble37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Resound then o voices from Cantata #172 (13p)Bach, J.S.24Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Return to God (strings)Haugen51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Ride on! Ride on!George51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Ride on, King JesusDe Cormier49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Ride On, King Jesus Hogan78King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Ride the ChariotSMITH, Wm. Henry (Arr.)31Musicata (Hamilton)
Ride the chariotSmith32Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Ride the Chariot Smith71King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Ride the Chariot   King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Ride the chariot (14p)Thomas, Andre49Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Ring out the Bells of ChristmasMcCabe23Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Rise Up Early Kountz83King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Rise up singing praise (opt. Brass, Handbells)Wood68Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Rise Up, Arise Mendelssohn72King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Rise Up, My Love Willan104King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Rise up, my Love, my Fair OneWILLAN, Healey18Musicata (Hamilton)
Rise Up, My Love, My Fair OneWillan, Healey67Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Rise up, my love, my fair oneWillan52Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Rise Up, Shepherd, And FollerParker, Alice Arr.66Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Rise! Shine!Washburn, Jon85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Rise, crowned with lightWillan38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Rise, shine, you people (Trumpet)Busarow52Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Risen Alleluia (Brass)Koepke49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Risen Alleluia (Brass, Bells)Pote45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Rising of the Moon, The Emerson80King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Riu Riu ChiuAllaway, Ben30Musicata (Hamilton)
River (The Mission) (7p)Morricone, Ennio160Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
River in JudeaFeldman51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
River in Judea Marcus/Feldman/Leavitt86King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Riverdance - Cloudsong (7p)Whelan, Bill99Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Riverdance - Freedom (12p)Whelan, Bill14Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Riverdance - Home & The Heartland (8p)Whelan, Bill99Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Rock-A My SoulDe Vaux, Jos. Arr.60Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Rock-a My Soul Wright59King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Rocking CarolCARELSE, Clement (Arr.)8Musicata (Hamilton)
Rocking CarolCzech, Carol, Arr.Nygard, C.39Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Romancero GitanoCastelnuovo-Tedesco, Mario15Musicata (Hamilton)
Rooster Rag (7 song cycle)Hurd9Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Rorate caeli desuperByrd, William85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Rose complete (from Les Chansons des rose) (11 p)Lauridsen, Morten/ Rilke85Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Roses I send to you (from Songs of a Prospector) (5 p)Chatman, S/Winkler, G.72Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Rotonni Niio RoienhaLarkin, Matthew86Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Round me falls the nightDrese40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Round me falls the nightBach35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Round the Glory MangerScott, Kayron Lee120Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Round the glory mangerScott32Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Run to the mangerJohnson34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Run to the StableHorman21Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Russian ContakionParratt35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sa nuit d'ete (from Nocturnes) (8p)Lauridsen, Morten/Rilke23Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
SAB Chorales 27Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sacerdotes DominiByrd41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sacerdotes DominiByrd40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Saint MargueriteRidout, Godfrey1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Sainte MargueriteRidout, Godfrey38Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Salish SongHealey, Derek arr.85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Salmo 150 (6p)Aguiar, Ernani150Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Salut Printemps Debussy15King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Salvator MundiBLOW, John31Musicata (Hamilton)
Salvator MundiTALLIS, Thomas29Musicata (Hamilton)
Salvator mundiPalestrina40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Salve ReginaHaydn, Franz Joseph46Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Salve reginaMathias40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Salve Regina (Motet)POULENC, Francis28Musicata (Hamilton)
Salve Regina (g minor) Hob.XXIIIb:2HAYDN, Franz Joseph33Musicata (Hamilton)
Salvete Flores MartyrumHAYDN, Michael33Musicata (Hamilton)
SamsonHandel11Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
SamsonWilliams/Hayes15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sanctus Gounod103King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Sanctus Faure88King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Sanctus Sussmayr50King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Sanctus & Benedictur from St. Cecilia (9p)Gounod42Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Sanctus (from mass for many nations) (5 p)Lang, Rupert66Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Sanctus (Holy is the Lord)Schubert/Davis22Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sanctus (Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy Lord of Hosts)Schubert/Weck Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sanctus and BenedictusGounod38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sanctus and Gaudeamus IgiturSchubert, Harvey Perrin1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Sanctus in D, BWV 238BACH, J.S.30Musicata (Hamilton)
Sanctus in d, BWV 239BACH, J.S.30Musicata (Hamilton)
Sanctus in G, BWV 240BACH, J.S.30Musicata (Hamilton)
Sans Day CarolStroope19Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Santa BabyJavits/Springer59Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Santo, santo (flute)Parrish27Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Save the Children Macartney72King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Save us, O LordBairstow38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Saviour, again to thy dear nameGardner42Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Saw ye my saviourJohnson28Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Scarborough Fair/Sounds of SilenceSimon, Paul, Arr. Kern 65Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
ScedrykEwashko, Laurence arr.85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Schlof Mein KindNaplan, Allan E.45Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Seal Lullaby, TheWhitacre, Eric59Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Seal Lullaby, The Whitacre80King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Seasonal Intradas (Bells)Yarrington55Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sechs Spruche Op. 79 (Six Anthems)MENDELSSOHN, Felix12Musicata (Hamilton)
Second Mass in C Haydn77King Edward Choir (Barrie)
See Amid the Winters Snow + Inst. (Dan Forest) (16p)Goss, John150Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
See what love hath the fatherMendelssohn35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Send forth thy spiritSchuetky36Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Send Forth thy Spirit Schuetky67King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Send in the ClownsSondheim, Stephen60Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Send your wordKeesecker41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
SerenadeELGAR, Edward28Musicata (Hamilton)
Serenade (from The Student Prince)Romberg, Sigmund28Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Serenity (O Magnum Mysterium)Gjeilo, Ola70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Serenity (O Magnum Mysterium) 17pGjeilo, Ola33Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Set down servantShaw45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Set Down Servant Shaw5King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Set Down, Servant Dawson93King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Set me as a Seal (french horn)Nance44Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Shall I Compare..... Lindberg74King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Shall we gather at the riverMcIvor14Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Shall we gather at the riverLowry47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
She is my Slender Small Love Thiman30King Edward Choir (Barrie)
She's Like the Swallow Harcourt115King Edward Choir (Barrie)
She's Like the Swallow arr.Brown60King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Sheep and Lambs May Safely Graze Bach60King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Shenandoah Erb83King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Shenandoah (9p)Erb, James100Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Shepherd shake off your drowsy sleepStainer42Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Shepherds awakeDavies20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Shepherd's Chorus (from Amahl & the Night Visitors)Menotti, Giancarlo85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Shepherds' Cradle SongLEUNER, K. (Arr. C. Macpherson)30Musicata (Hamilton)
Shepherds loud their praises singingRowley37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Shepherd's pipe carol (10 p)Rutter, John10Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Shepherd's Song, TheCattell, Margrit56Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Shepherds' Chorus, The (Amahl) Menotti76King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Shepherds' Dance German102King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Shepherds' Farewell to the Holy Family Berlioz84King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Shepherds' Pipe Carol Rutter35King Edward Choir (Barrie)
She's Called Nova ScotiaMacNeil, Rita70Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
She's Like the SwallowSomers, Harry90Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
ShilohBillings, William30Musicata (Hamilton)
Shine the LightEvans, Robert25Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Shir La-ma' a lot (Psalm 121)Rossi, Ssalamone85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Shobi shares a miracleZabel11Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Shortnin' BreadSwift8Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Shout to God for joy (19p)Sirett, Mark 97Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Show me thy waysPelz49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Show Me! (My Fair Lady)Loewe, Frederick Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Showboat Medley (Clay Warnick) (21 p)Kern, J./Hammerstein, O36Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Si Tous Les Gars de MondeVan Parys, George66Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Sicut CervusPalestrina, G.P. da85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Siderunt RectorBYRD, William29Musicata (Hamilton)
Silent DawnCorlis, Timothy30Musicata (Hamilton)
Silent NightRutter, John, Arr81Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Silent Night (Rutter, John) (6p)Gruber, Franz21Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Silly Sheperds, Stop Your SleepingHerbolsheimer, Bern61Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Silver BellsLivingstone/Evans30Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Silver BellsLivingstone/Lojeski78Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Silver Bells arr. Terry102King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Silver Swan, The Gibbons85King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Simply AlleluiaMoore20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Since God so tender a regardPurcell3Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sine NomineWillams45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing A Joyful AlleluiaPrice, Nancy/Besig, Don78Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Sing a song of loveEllis32Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing alleluia forthThiman55Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing Alleluia! Christ is bornDretke35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing and be joyfulWilson14Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing and rejoiceJames56Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing for Joy, Sing togetherPatterson20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing for Joy, Ye PeopleMartin 16Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing gloriaDavies39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing Hallelujah, praise the LordMueller23Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing Hosanna (guitar/bass)Jothen49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing Joy!Artman15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing JoyfullyBYRD, William29Musicata (Hamilton)
Sing LullabyCARELSE, Clement23Musicata (Hamilton)
Sing LullabyHOWELLS, Herbert36Musicata (Hamilton)
Sing Me To HeavenGawthrop, Daniel75Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Sing out with JoyPatterson6Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing PraisesTelfer, Nancy54Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Sing the Beauty of the EarthWagner10Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing the Lord's SongSleeth21Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing to the LordMedena33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing to the lord a new songTrack41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing to the lord of harvestMaunder38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing to the Lord of harvest (Brass)Willan42Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing to the Lord with joyCarter18Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing unto his nameWilson34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing unto his nameWilson9Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing unto the LordTye41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing unto the Lord a New Song (double choir) (Psalm 98)Schutz, Heinrich85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Sing we alll NoelSchram25Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing we alll Noel [Opt.Bells]Pote10Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing We and Chant It Morley83King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Sing We MerrilyGreene1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Sing We Now of Christmas Sineone89King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Sing We To This Merry CompanyANON (Arr. John Laing) Musicata (Hamilton)
Sing with joy (from Oratorio Judas Maccabaeus) (10p)Handel, George F103Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Sing ye JoyfullyBesig17Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing ye Praises to the Father Watson-Henderson75King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Sing, Dance, Clap your HandsZiegenhals15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing, O heavensTours 33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sing, Oh Sing this Blessed MornMorgan19Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Singet dem Herrn ein neues LiedBach, J.S. arr. Caswell, J.1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Singing in the RainBrown, MacioHerb arr M Hayes72Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Singt dem Herren Boon36King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Siod mar chaidh an cal a dholaidh (Gaelic) (10 p)Ewer, Gary83Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Sir Christ'masMathias, William65Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Sitno Horo (What language is that? ) (10p)Simeonov, Blago141Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Six 4 Part Songs for Mixed VoicesGilbert & Sullivan54Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Six Choral SettingsRoff31Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Six Love SongsBrahms, Johannes1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Six Lute SongsDOWLAND, John30Musicata (Hamilton)
Six Songs of 2. Ah! Si Mon Moine Voulait DanserPatriquin, Donald75Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Six Songs of 3. The False Young ManPatriquin, Donald73Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Six Songs of 6. Savory, Sage, Rosemary & ThymePatriquin, Donald18Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Six Songs of Early CanadaPatriquin, Donaldsee aboveBel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Sixteen Tons Travis/Shaw19King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Siyahamba Rao129King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Sleep My Child 17pWhitacre, Eric/Norona, D.66Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Sleep Now My Little ChildPoorman and Poorman64Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Sleep, O sleep my little oneMooney, David64Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Sleep, Sweet ChildBjerring, Peter62Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Sleeth Sunday Songbook 10Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sleigh BellsRentz E. Arr.65Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Sleigh RideAnderson, Leroy, Arr. Andy Beck77Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Sleigh Ride Anderson99King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Sleigh Ride (Hawley Ades) (12p)Anderson, Leroy52Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Sleigh Ride (Michael Edwards) (15 p)Anderson, Leroy49Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Sleigh, The Kountz87King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Slumber StillKral, Joseph46Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Small DeedsHorman15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Snow (from White Christmas) (Mark Brymer) (10 p)Berlin, Irving58Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Snow White Revisited Morey/Churchill84King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Snow, The Elgar85 +1 different versionKing Edward Choir (Barrie)
So they gave their bodiesAston40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Soldier, Won't You Marry Me? Halley96King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Soldier, won't you marry me? (Love Songs Spring)(16p)Halley, Paul29Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Soldier's ElegyKregler, Michael C.27Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Soldiers' Chorus Gounod29King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Solemn MassVierne, Louis45Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Solus ad victimamLeighton40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Some Folks Foster70King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Somebody talkin' 'bout JesusEhret24Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Someone to Watch Over MeGershwin, George74Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Somewhere (West Side Story) Edgerton74King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Somewhere A Child is Singing Willan47King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Somewhere in My MemoryWilliams, John68Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Soneto de la Noche (from Nocturnes) (13p)Lauridsen, Morten/Neruda24Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
SongPenfound, Bonnie30Musicata (Hamilton)
Song for AtheneTAVENER, John30Musicata (Hamilton)
Song for Athene Tavener77King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Song for Canada (13 p)Halley, Paul43Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Song for PeaceMacGillivray, A./Loomer, D.74Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Song for Peace MacGillivray/Loomer81King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Song for the Mira (Calvert, Stuart) (12 p)MacGillivray, A.30Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Song for the Mira Arr. By Stuart CalvertMacGILLIVRAY, Allister32Musicata (Hamilton)
Song of CelebrationTucker16Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Song of Days Now GoneMcCullough, Donald56Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Song of DemocracyHanson, Howard2Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Song of DestinyBrahms, Johannes55Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Song of mary and josephPurifoy18Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Song of PaulFedak4Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Song of Peace for Canada Cumming47King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Song of PraiseSomers26Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Song of Praise for Juniors 39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Song of Thanksgiving, AVaughan Williams, R.68Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Song of the Birth of Our Lord Jesus ChristCHARPENTIER, Marc Antoine35Musicata (Hamilton)
Song of the cribWarrell52Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Song of the Kings [Bells & Voices]Edwards23Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Song of the Manger [Bells & Voices]Edwards23Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Song of the risen oneHaas14Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Song of the Ship [Bells & Voices]Edwards23Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Song of the StarsRaminsh, Imant50Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Songs of a ProspectorChatman, Stephensee belowBel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Songs of a Prospector No. 4 Roses I Send to YouChatman, Stephen68Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Songs of a Prospector No. 5 The CalliopeChatman, Stephen76Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Songs of a Prospector No. 2 MemoriesChatman, Stephen75Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Songs of a Prospector No. 3 The ScoutChatman, Stephen71Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Songs of innocence (13p)Enns, Leonard40Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Songs of JoyWoodward, Eric1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Songs of NatureDVORAK, Antonin30Musicata (Hamilton)
Songs of Nature Dvorak74King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Songs of nature (30 p)Dvorak, Anton83Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Sonnet 43, All Days Are NightHawley, Laura65Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Soon Ah Will Be Done Loomer91King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Soon-a Will be Done Bell80King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Soon-Ah Will Be DoneDawson, William L.64Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Souls of the Righteous, TheBevan, Allan25Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Sound of Music (The) (1959)Rodgers, R., Arr. Clay Warnick69Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Sound of Music, TheRodgers/Hammerstein, Arr. Clay Warnick63Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Sound of Music, the arr. Warnick75King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Sound of Music, The Lerner/Loewe King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Sound of Music, The - Preludium Rodgers/Hammerstein52Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Sous le ciel de ParisDrejac & Giraud60Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
South PacificRodgers/Hammerstein75Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Spacious Firmament (Kathaumixw 2002), TheStokes, Tobin50Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Sparrow's JigSled, Bruce69Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
SpatherbstBrahms, Johannes61Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Speak Lord (Oboe)MacKenzie41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Spell of Times Long Past 1. A Love SongTelfer, Nancy55Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Spell of Times Long Past 2. SolitudesTelfer, Nancy61Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Spell of Times Long Past 3. The Wind and The FlowerTelfer, Nancy65Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Spell of Times Long Past 4. The Sailor's SweetheartTelfer, Nancy57Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Spell of Times Long Past, The (4 songs)Telfer, Nancysee aboveBel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Spem in Alium Choir 1TALLIS, Thomas5Musicata (Hamilton)
Spem in Alium Choir 2TALLIS, Thomas1Musicata (Hamilton)
Spem in Alium Choir 3TALLIS, Thomas9Musicata (Hamilton)
Spem in Alium Choir 4TALLIS, Thomas10Musicata (Hamilton)
Spem in Alium Choir 5TALLIS, Thomas10Musicata (Hamilton)
Spem in Alium Choir 6TALLIS, Thomas3Musicata (Hamilton)
Spem in Alium Choir 7TALLIS, Thomas0Musicata (Hamilton)
Spem in Alium Choir 8TALLIS, Thomas0Musicata (Hamilton)
Spinning Chorus Wagner56King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Spirit's comingRaney34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Spiritual RhapsodyOldroyd, George1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
SpiritualsStickles, William1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Spotless RoseWillcocks, Jonathan85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Spring CantataChurchill, John50Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Spring Comes LaughingBach, J.S.1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Spring ReturnsMARENZIO, Luca23Musicata (Hamilton)
SprucheBRUNNER, Adolf25Musicata (Hamilton)
St. Nicholas MassHaydn1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Stabat MaterHaydn1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Stabat MaterHaydn, Joseph60Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Stabat MaterPergolesi, G.B.41Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Stabat MaterPALESTRINA, G.P.30Musicata (Hamilton)
Stable Lamp is Lighted, AMahnke, Allan53Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Stand By MeTindley, Charles Albert arr. Hogan, Moses75Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Stand by meShackley35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Stand Together (12p)Papoulis, Jim98Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Standing on holy groundHafso44Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Star CarolOwolabi, Kola75Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Star carolRutter51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Star Carol Rutter95King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Star Carol + Harp (8 p)Rutter, John79Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Star of BethlehemRHEINBERGER, Josef Musicata (Hamilton)
Stardust Carmichael21King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Star-led and wonder boundBeall20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Stars are for those who lift their eyesDemonte37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Stars are with the voyager (11p)Daley, Eleanor3Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Stars are with the Voyager, TheDaley, Eleanor22Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Stars I Shall FindTeasdale/Dickau64Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Stay with us (Flute)Pelz46Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Stayed on JesusParker13Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Steal Away (1.10)Luboff, Norman25Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Steersman, Leave the Watch Wagner33King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Stephen Foster Medley Washburn87King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Stephen Foster Medley, AWashburn, Jon Arr.61Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Still wie die NachtBohm, Karl73Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Still, Still, StillLuboff, Norman79Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Still, Still, Still Luboff89King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Stomp Your Foot Copland92King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Frostiana No.6 THOMPSON, Randall5Musicata (Hamilton)
Storm is passing over ( Baker, B) (5 p) Tindley, Charles Albert30Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Story of BethlehemWest, John E.77Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Stouthearted Men Scotson29King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Subdue us by thy goodnessBach40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Subdue us by thy goodnessBach35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Suite of French CarolsHall1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Suite of French CarolsHall, Robert75Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
SummaPAERT, Arvo13Musicata (Hamilton)
Summertime - from Porgy and BessGershwin, Geo., Arr. R. Robinson67Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Sun and Moon - from Miss SaigonSchonberg & Boublil,Arr. Mac Huff67Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Sunrise MassGjeilo, Ola66Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Sunrise MassGjeilo, Ola30Musicata (Hamilton)
Sunrise Mass - 2 full scores + Instruments (68p)Gjeilo, Ola18Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Sunrise, Sunset - from Fiddler on the RoofHarnick & Bock, Arr. Mark Brymer67Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Sunset (A BC Cowboy's Lament)Raminsh, Imant Arr.64Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
SunsetsKRUPKIN, Sid (Arr. John Laing) Musicata (Hamilton)
Sunshine on my soulSweeney22Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Suo GanMorgan, Thomas Edward arr.25Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Suo Gan (5p)Wilford, Lance33Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Super flumina BabylonisLassus40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sure on this shining nightBARBER, Samuel31Musicata (Hamilton)
Sure On This Shining NightBarber, Samuel79Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Sure on this shining night (from Nocturnes) (9p)Lauridsen, Morten/Agee24Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Surely Lotti48Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Surely the Lord is in this placeBurnell44Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Surely, he hath borne our griefsGraun46Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Surge illuminare Jerusalem in "Christmas & Advent Motets for 5 voices"CORTECCIA, Francesco27Musicata (Hamilton)
Surgen JesusPhilips40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sweet DayVAUGHAN WILLIAMS, Ralph4Musicata (Hamilton)
Sweet DayHandel/Diack8Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sweet is the workRobson37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sweet is thy mercyBarnby47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sweet little Jesus boyMacGimsey6Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sweet songs of ChristmasDedrick32Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sweet songs of ChristmasDedrick20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sweet was the SongHolman22Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sweet, sweet spiritAkers30Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Swing low, sweet chariotCox15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Swing low, sweet chariotSchram6Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Swing, swing, swing + Instrumental (24p)Shaw, Kirby64Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Swingin' Spirituals For Kids (5 single-page selections)McGlohon Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Sylvian JoululauluCollan Karl arr. Caswell, James85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Tabula RasaMacdonald, Don69Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Take my life, and let it beHavergal16Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Tales of the Vienna ForestStrauss, Johann79Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Tan, Tan, TanNichols Arr.26Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Tango to EvoraWashburn, John62Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Tantum EgroDuruflé, Maurice80Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Tantum ErgoMartin, Stephanie45Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Tantum ErgoSchubert, Franz64Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Tantum Ergo DURUFLE, Maurice13Musicata (Hamilton)
Tanzen und SpringenHASSLER, Hans Leo32Musicata (Hamilton)
Tazama Bikira (13 p)Akombo D.O. Akombo79Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Te DeumBruckner, Anton16Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Te DeumRutter, John68Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Te DeumMENDELSSOHN, Felix35Musicata (Hamilton)
Te Deum Leonard66King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Te deum (2 Trumpets, 2 Trombones)Bouman56Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Te Deum in GVAUGHAN WILLIAMS, Ralph23Musicata (Hamilton)
Te Deum LaudamusHaydn, Franz Joseph64Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Te Deum LaudamusStanford36Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Te Deum Laudamus Stanford32King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Te Lucis Ante TerminumTALLIS, Thomas28Musicata (Hamilton)
Tea for Two (No, No, Nannette, 1925)Youmans, Vincent, Arr.Greg Gilpin71Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Teach me O Lord 4Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Teach me, O LordAttwood51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Tell My MaWashburn, Jon arr.69Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Tell My Ma When I Go HomeWashburn, John40Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Tell out the newsCurry49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Thanks Be to God O'Reilly/Dickson12King Edward Choir (Barrie)
That Boy-Child of MaryBergs, Roger Musicata (Hamilton)
The 23rd PsalmSchalit25Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Anacreontick Song (Glee)SMITH, John Stafford (Arr. J. Laing) Musicata (Hamilton)
The angel choir and the trumpeter (Brass)Dedrick50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Angel GabrielPrower47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The apple treeScott44Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The apple treeJeffrey5Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Baby JesusAnderson24Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The battle of JerichoBrown14Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The BeatitudesANDERSON, W. H.25Musicata (Hamilton)
The BeatitudesAnderson34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The BeatitudesButler23Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The best of roomsThompson51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Blue BirdSTANFORD, Charles Villiers29Musicata (Hamilton)
The children of the HebrewsPalestrina51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The children sang their praisesMalin51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Christ of the snowGaul45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Christmas nightingalePettersen35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Christmas Song ("Chestnuts Roasting...")TORME, Mel32Musicata (Hamilton)
The churchMcIntyre46Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The DandelionBARNES, Milton12Musicata (Hamilton)
The day draws on with golden lightBairstow40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The day draws on with golden lightBairstow35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The day he wore my crownJohnson34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Donkey's LamentSherman14Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The earth is the Lord'sBissell44Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Easter NewsNagy10Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The echo carolWhithead48Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Elements 24pGimon, Katerina28Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
The ending of the yearWells33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Evening-watchHOLST, Gustav9Musicata (Hamilton)
The First NoelForrest, Dan Arr.80Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
The Friendly BeastsChambers22Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Gentle DonkeyOucherlony6Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Gentle Sounding FluteRathbone29Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Gift to be Simple 8pChilcott, Bob18Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
The Green Hill 20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The heavens are tellingHaydn35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The heavens declare the creator's gloryBeethoven35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Holly and the IvyThomson, Virgil30Musicata (Hamilton)
The holy daySacco25Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The House of the Lord [Parable]Ker17Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Infant Jesus (Da neugeborne Kindelein)BUXTEHUDE, Dietrich27+StrMusicata (Hamilton)
The Jesus giftMartin36Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The king of love my shepherd isGounod37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The king of love my shepherd isBairstow35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The king of love my shepherd isKloppers30Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The King's carolSchalk50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The LambTAVENER, John19Musicata (Hamilton)
The LambTavener50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Lamb  58King Edward Choir (Barrie)
The LarkBERNSTEIN, Leonard31Musicata (Hamilton)
The Lark in the clear airRowley8Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Light BrigadeMcCall11Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The light of the worldCarter5Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The light of the worldCarter5Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Little Drummer BoyDavis K.25Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Little Lord JesusSlater24Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Little Road to BethlehemHead25Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The long day closesSullivan20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The lord at first did Adam makeWebster34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The lord bless you and keep youRutter45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The lord bless you and keep youLutkin35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Lord Bless You and Keep You Rutter6King Edward Choir (Barrie)
The Lord God made them all [Bells]Bailey/Mayo20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Lord is a mighty GodMendelssohn22Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The lord is goodTye51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The lord is graciousHarris40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The lord is graciousRoff49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The lord is my shepherdWesley35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The lord is my shepherdSchubert4Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The lord is my shepherd Smart37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The lord is my shepherd (oboe)Rutter35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The lord is risen indeedHopson39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Lord's PrayerMalotte35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Lord's prayer (with junior choir)Malotte31Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Manger CarolCaldwell8Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Manger CarolCaldwell24Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Many Rend the Skies (from "Alexander's Feast", Ode on St. Cecilia's Day)HANDEL, George Frideric30Musicata (Hamilton)
The master's tableFletcher38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Minstrel BoyNeufeld, Kenneth Arr.70Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
The Monk and his CatBARBER, Samuel30Musicata (Hamilton)
The Naming of CatsRAPOPORT, Paul26Musicata (Hamilton)
The Night is Gone, The Light is NearMcCarroll-Butler, Ben Musicata (Hamilton)
The Old hundredth Psalm tuneWilliams62Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The OxenRIVERS, Robert G.34Musicata (Hamilton)
The OxenSirett, Mark30Musicata (Hamilton)
The Oxford Book of CarolsDEARMER, Percy5Musicata (Hamilton)
The Pasture Frostiana No. 2THOMPSON, Randall8Musicata (Hamilton)
The praise carolMarryott47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The PrayerHayes, Mark Arr.70Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
The procession to JerusalemPosegate42Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The rebel (flute solo)Avery/Marsh42Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The reproaches for Good FridayWienhorst47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Road Not Take Frostiana No. 1THOMPSON, Randall24Musicata (Hamilton)
The road to BethlehemHead31Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The secret of ChristShepard40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Seven Words of Christ on the CrossSCHUTZ, Heinrich13Musicata (Hamilton)
The shepherd psalmCarter23Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The shepherd psalmDavies6Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The shepherds' farewellBerlioz5Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Shepherd's psalmWetzler5Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Silver SwanGIBBONS, Orlando51Musicata (Hamilton)
The sing AlleluiaBehnke51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Singing BishopHopson9Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Singing Bishop (copies in the kitchen)Hopson10Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The song of MaryFischer37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The souls of the righteousMarchant40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The souls of the righteousDavies35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The souls of the righteousWoolley61Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The spirit of the LordTitcomb5Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Star SongCHATMAN, Stephen30Musicata (Hamilton)
The story telling manMedema13Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The strife is o'erLey40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The strife is o'erVolpius35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Sunne of graceEnns, Leonard30Musicata (Hamilton)
The Telephone Frostiana No. 4THOMPSON, Randall24Musicata (Hamilton)
The Three KingsWILLAN, Healey14Musicata (Hamilton)
The Three KingsCornelius41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Three KingsWillan51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The transfiguration of our Lord (Bells/Xylophones)Maeker8Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The trouble of ZerublableAnderson18Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Turtle DoveVAUGHAN WILLIAMS, Ralph1Musicata (Hamilton)
The virgin Mary had a baby boyehret3Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Virgin Mary had a Baby BoyHopson15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Virgin Mary had a Baby BoyRentz Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Virgin's lullabyPeery5Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The visionTelfer15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Way We WereBergman Hamlisch, Arr. Spevacek71Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
The Western WindTAVENER, John Musicata (Hamilton)
The White DoveAnderson26Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Whole World sings AlleuliaWold20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
The Word Was Made FleshDearden, Alice B. Musicata (Hamilton)
The Word was made fleshDengler20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Thee we adorePalestrina35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Their bodies are buried in peaceHandel35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Then God made me and YouCarter15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Then shall the righteous shine forthMendelssohn33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
There is a FlowerRutter, John87Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
There is a fountainHudson4Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
There is a redeemer (orch)Green37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
There is an eye that never sleepsOliver5Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
There is Faint MusicForrest, Dan75Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
There is no RoseRobin John King60Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
There is no RoseMessick20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
There is no rose of such virtueJoubert41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
There is Nothin' Like a DameRodgers & Hammerstein II30Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
There is One BodyHealey, Derek50Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
There is Sweet Music Here Sirett56King Edward Choir (Barrie)
There shall a star come out of Jacob (15p)Mendelssohn, F.18Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
There Shall a Star from JacobMENDELSSOHN, Felix32plusMusicata (Hamilton)
There shall a star from Jacob come forth (20p)Mendolssohn, F.58Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
There was a nightLantz33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
There were shepherdsVincent38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
There's a LightCharles, Gregory105Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
There's no business like show businessBerlin, Irving arr. Brymer, Mark70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
They All Call it CanadaGrant, Freddy40Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
They Can't Take That Away from MeGershwin, George74Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Things That Never DieDengler, Lee70Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Think about these thingsDanner0Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Third MassHaydn, Franz Joseph1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Third MassHaydn, Franz Joseph68Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
This Christmastide (Jessye's Carol)Fraser, Donald85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
This cup of gracePatterson4Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
This Day Christ Was BornBYRD, William28Musicata (Hamilton)
This Endris NightWalter, Lana43Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
This Have I Done for my True LoveHOLST, Gustav30Musicata (Hamilton)
This is my HomeBuckley, Bob & Gibson, Brian50Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
This is the DayBevan41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
This is the DayGallus47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
This is the DayLau5Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
This is the record of JohnGibbons40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
This joyful EastertideGosse41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
This LandVan Schyndel, André, arr.18Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
This land Is Your LandGUTHRIE, Woody (Arr. J. Laing) Musicata (Hamilton)
This little light of mineRaney35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
This We Know (2p)Seattle(Chief)/Jeffers, R.148Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Thou Child Divine Schultz92King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Thou hallow'd chosen morn of praiseChambers25Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Thou judge of quick and deadWesley40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Thou judge of quick and deadWesley35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Thou knowest, LordPurcell40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Thou knowest, LordPurcell35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Thou must leave thy lowly dwellingBerlioz42Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Thou shalt know himSirett50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Thou Shalt Know Him Jalkeus78King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Thou visitest the earthGreene40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Thou visitest the earthGreene35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peaceWESLEY, Samuel Sebastian27Musicata (Hamilton)
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peaceWesley40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peaceWesley35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Thou, Lord, our refugeMendelssohn35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Though I speak with the tongues of menBairstow40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Three Appalachian CarolsPatriquin, Donald73Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Three blessingsSherman29Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Three Canadian Folk Songs arr. Eaton25King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Three CatsRAPOPORT, Paul28Musicata (Hamilton)
Three chorales from St. Matthew PassionBach, J.S.65Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Three Christmas CarolsWhitehead, Alfred55Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Three Christmas CarolsWhithead36Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Three Christmas carolsParker38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Three Christmas miniaturesYoung 53Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Three Christmas Miniatures Page16King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Three Far-Eastern carolsSargent44Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Three French Canadian Folk SongsArcher, Violet48Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Three French Canadian Folk SongsEaton, R.S. arr.51Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Three Hanukkah SongsCharles Baker arr.69Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Three Hungarian Folk SongsBartok26Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Three Hungarian FolksongsSEIBER, Matyas31Musicata (Hamilton)
Three Israeli Songs arr. Chilcott90King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Three Israeli Songs 2.Mi Zeh HidlikChilcott, Bob Arr.69Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Three Kings, The Willan6King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Three Ravens, The Jackman15King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Three Shakespeare SongsQuilter, Roger arr. Linda Spevacek85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Three Shakespeare SongsVAUGHAN WILLIAMS, Ralph Musicata (Hamilton)
Three songs from Emily Dickinson (9p)Rogers, W.K.50Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Three songs of the cribMacNutt56Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Three Spanish CarolsKing's Singers arr.85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Three Spanish Carols Kings Singers88King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Thy glorious loveGibb33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Thy Kindom comeSirett35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Tidings of Comfort and JoyLuboff, Norman81Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Tierra de ensuenoVazques, Jay Musicata (Hamilton)
Time of Snow Chilcott88King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Tiny little baby boyThygerson14Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
To a virgin meek and mildGlarum25Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
To Be Sung On The Water Op 42 No 2Barber, Samuel78Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
To BethlehemBedford14Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
To God the Holy Spirit (C instrument)Steffens50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
To Music Schubert89King Edward Choir (Barrie)
To the Ploughboy Vaughan-Williams18King Edward Choir (Barrie)
To The Sons of ArtHandel1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
To Us a Child is BornSchutz, Heinrich64Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
To Us a Child is Born Bach97King Edward Choir (Barrie)
To Us a Child of Hope is BornBergs, Roger and Morison, John30Musicata (Hamilton)
To us there comes a little childMalin33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Toast pour le nouvel anROSSINI, G.29Musicata (Hamilton)
Together, wherever we goArtman70Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
TomatoRAPOPORT, Paul17Musicata (Hamilton)
Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing DayGARDNER, John30Musicata (Hamilton)
Tomorrow shall be my dancing dayGardner48Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Tomorrow shall be my dancing dayRutter20Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Tomorrow shall be my dancing day (6p)Willcocks, David39Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Too Darn HotPorter, Cole arr. Huff, Mac76Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Too Much I Once LamentedTOMKINS, Thomas33Musicata (Hamilton)
Tota pulchra esDURUFLE, Maurice27Musicata (Hamilton)
Totus TuusGorecki, Henry Mikolaj69Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Totus Tuus Gorecki King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Touro-louro-louroSaboly25Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Trade Winds Howorth27King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Treble Clef Chorister 25Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Tree of life (Brass)Scott47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Tres Canciones NegrasMontsalvatge, X.see belowBel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Tres Canciones Negras 1. Punto de HabaneraMontsalvatge, X.64Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Tres Canciones Negras 2. Cancion de Cuna Para Dormir a un NegritoMontsalvatge, X.65Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Tres Canciones Negras 3. Canto NegroMontsalvatge, X.64Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Tria sunt munera in "Christmas & Advent Motets for 5 voices"ESQUIVEL, Juan27Musicata (Hamilton)
Tribute to RombergRomberg, Sigmund 1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Troll The Ancient CarolLuboff, Norman61Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Troll The Ancient CarolLuboff, Norman1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Trumpet Call, TheWillan, Healey66Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Trumpet Sounds, TheColeman, Ian David70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Trust in the Lord Pote37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Trust in the Lord, and do goodOuchterlony50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Truth From Above, TheWhicher, James52Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Try To RememberJones/Schmidt1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Tu Es PetrusPearsal, Robert69Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Tu es PetrusDURUFLE, Maurice24Musicata (Hamilton)
Tu Scendi dalle Stelle, arr.Caswell, James arr.85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Tumbalalaika de Cormier83King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Tumbling Tumbleweeds Nolan13King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Tundra 16pGjeilo, Ola/Silvestri,C16Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Turn AroundNowak, Jerry1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Turn back, O manHolst44Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Turn back, O manHolst40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Turn thee again, O LordAttwood35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Turn thee unto meBoyce35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Turn thy face from my sinsSullivan1Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Turn thy face from my sinsAttwood40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Turn thy face from my sinsAttwood35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Turtle Dove, The Vaughan-Williams33King Edward Choir (Barrie)
T'was in the moonHobby15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
T'was in the Moon of Wintertide [opt. Bells]arr.Hobby18Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Twas on a quiet starry nightDuddy46Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Twas The Night Before ChristmasDarby, Ken, Arr. Simeone, Harry6Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Twas the Night Before Christmas arr.Simeone129King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Twelfth Mass1Mozart40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Twelve days after Christmas (11 p)Silver, Frederick82Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Twelve Days After Christmas, TheSilver, Frederick29Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Twelve Days After Christmas, The Silver78King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Twelve Days of Christmas, TheChilcott, Bob64Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Twelve Days of Christmas, TheJohnston, Alan-Cruise Arr.79Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Twelve Days of Christmas, TheRutter, John Arr.80Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Two Carols for the Caribbean Stent96King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Two Christmas CarolsWood42Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Two Christmas SongsSibelius32Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Two Easter carolsWood58Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Two Hymns to the Mother of God Tavener90King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Two Hymns: A Hymn to the Mother of God; Hymn for the Dormition of the Mother of GodTAVENER, John37Musicata (Hamilton)
Two introitsThiman108Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Two introitsHawkley59Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Two Kings (Brass)Clokey47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Two Marian MotetsBruckner, Anton64Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Two Mexican carolsSargent45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Two Motets: Offertorium & Ecce SacerdosBRUCKNER, AntonBrassMusicata (Hamilton)
Two Newfoundland Folk Songs - 1Cook, Donald F.42Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Two Newfoundland Folk Songs -2 Cook, Donald F.51Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Two Polish carolsFraser48Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Two Rossetti SongsChatman, Stephen69Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Two Short Anthems: "Deliver us, O Lord our God" and "O Praise the Lord"BATTEN, Adrian9Musicata (Hamilton)
Two Songs For the Coming of SpringSomers, Harry55Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Tykus, TykusAugustinas, Vaclovas30Musicata (Hamilton)
Tyrle, Tyrlow, Tyrle, TyrlowWillan, Healey50Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Ubers Gebirg Maria GehtECCARD, Johannes39Musicata (Hamilton)
Ubi CaritasDuruflé, Maurice86Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Ubi CaritasGjeilo, Ola70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Ubi CaritasGjeilo25Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Ubi caritas DURUFLE, Maurice3Musicata (Hamilton)
Ubi Caritas Durufle24King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Ubi Caritas 8pGjeilo, Ola34Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Uist Tramping Song Roberton22King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Un Canadien ErrantLariviere arr.25Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Un Canadien ErrantSirett, Mark arr.85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Un Canadien ErrantTAYLOR, Marsha (Arr.)38Musicata (Hamilton)
Un Canadien Errant Cable90King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Un homme et une femmeBarouh, Pierre61Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Under the Willow TreeBARBER, Samuel32Musicata (Hamilton)
Une hymne du centenaireLa Lacheur, Rex148Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Unfolding of the FlowerTelfer, Nancy48Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Until we rest in theePage51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Unto thee, O LordFrance31Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Upon the first day of the weekScholin25Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Use Your GiftsBailey/Mayo19Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Utrecht Jubilate DeoHANDEL, George Frideric30Musicata (Hamilton)
V'la L'bon Vent (8p)Girvan, Allsion149Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Va Pensiero (Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves - Nabucco)Verdi, Giuseppi23Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Veni Creator spiritus (Bells)Wedd43Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Veni JesuCherubini Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Veni, Veni EmmanuelTrotta, Michael John68Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Venite AdoramusSpevacek40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Verbum Caro Factum EstLASSUS, Orlando30Musicata (Hamilton)
Vere LanguoresVictoria/Bergs31Musicata (Hamilton)
Verleih' uns FriedenMENDELSSOHN, Felix26Musicata (Hamilton)
Versa est in luctumLOBO, Alfonso29Musicata (Hamilton)
Verses for AdventWeber47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Verses for EasterWillan51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Very Best Time of Year, TheRutter, John80Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Vesperae Solennes de ConfessoreMozart, W.A.61Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Vesperae Solennes de Confessore K.V. 339Mozart, W.A.49Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Via CrucisLISZT, Franz41Musicata (Hamilton)
Villagers all this frosty tideAngel22Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Vinea mea electa (No 2 of the Four Motets for the season of Lent)POULENC, Francis31Musicata (Hamilton)
VinetaBRAHMS, Johannes24Musicata (Hamilton)
Virgin Mary Had a Baby BoyHatfied, Stephen arr.75Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Virgin Mary had a baby boy (12 p)Hatfield, Stephen86Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy, The Hatfield90King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Virgo MariaANON (Transcribed/Arr. J. Laing)30Musicata (Hamilton)
VocalizeNeufeld, Kenneth62Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Voice Dance Jasperse80King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Voices of Earth (16p)Sirett, Mark149Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Wade in the WaterAdams, Lydia & Davies, Cynthia arr., Traditional58Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Wade in the WaterPowell, Rosephayne1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Wait's Carolstutsman32Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Wake up to a World of LightPote11Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Wake, sheperds, awake (Bells, Flute)Schalk51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Walk in the lightThomas36Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Wanting Memories (19p)Barnwell, Y123Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
WarumBrahms, Johannes63Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Wash me thoroughly from my wickednessWesley35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Wash me throughlyWesley40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Wassail SongVaughan Williams, R Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Wassail SongVaughan Williams, R.72Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Water of Tyne Neaum48King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Water of Tyne Neaum51King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Water Under Snow is Weary Wessman7King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Watt's cradle songVanderHoek49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
We adore thee O LordPalestrina30Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
We are God's work of art (strings)Haugen51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
We are singing for the Lord (Siyahamba)Hopson48Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
We are the Children of lightHopson3Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
We are the ChurchAvery/Marsh/Voice8Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
We come, O Lord this DayBedford13Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
We hasten, O JesuBach3Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
We love the placeRobb41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
We love the placeBrahms35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
We need a little Christmas (Mac Huff) (14 p)Herman, Jerry79Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
We Need and LittleChristmasHerman, Jerry, Arr. Mac Huff76Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
We Remember ThemMcCullough, Donald70Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
We Rise AgainDubinsky, Leon, Arr. Adams Lydia71Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
We rise againDubinsky/Adam35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
We Rise Again Adams83King Edward Choir (Barrie)
We rise again (Adams, Lydia) (12p)Dubinsky, Leon74Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
We sing a Song to CanadaWillan22Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
We Thank You LordPage17Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
We Three KingsHopkins, John, Arr. Jay Althouse78Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
We wait for the loving kindness, O GodMcKie48Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
We Wish You a Merry Christmas Somers86King Edward Choir (Barrie)
We worship in songDaley14Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Weather ReportChilcott, Bob20Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Weather ReportChilcott, Bob18Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Weep You No More, Sad Fountains Willan6King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Weep, O mine eyesBENNET, John33Musicata (Hamilton)
Weinachten Mendelssohn77King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Welcome YuleWILLS, Arthur30Musicata (Hamilton)
We'll Rant and We'll RoarBell, Leslie9Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
We're the image of God's SmilePote15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Were You There on that Christmas NightSleeth, Natalie77Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Were You There on that Christmas Night, diff. versionSleeth, Natalie20Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Were you there on that Christmas night?Sleeth39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Were you there on that Christmas Night?Sleeth13Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Were You There?Mia Makaroff50Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
West Side StoryBernstein, Leonard & Sondheim, Stephen53Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
West Side StoryBernstein, Arr. L Thomas67Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Wexford CarolMilburn Price59Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Wexford carol (12 p)Spevacek, Linda119Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Wexford Carol (Celtic Christmas) (11p)Stopford, Philip119Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
What a friend we have in JesusRenwick39Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
What are you dreaming ofSchram22Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
What cheer? Good cheer!Warlock51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
What Child is Thistraditional, Bergs, Roger, arranger28Musicata (Hamilton)
What child is thisCandlyn48Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
What child is this (3p)Willcocks, David/Dix, W.C.95Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
What Child is This ?Vaughan Williams, R.60Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
What Child is This ?Wilcocks D. Arr.68Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
What child is this/Child of the poorSoper10Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
What God ordains is always goodGastorious51Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
What is This Lovely FragranceAlwes, Chester L.77Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
What is this lovely fragranceWillan90Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
What is this Lovely Fragrance? Willan83King Edward Choir (Barrie)
What is this lovely fragrance? (10 p)Willan, Healey79Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
What shall I GiveMayo6Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
What shall we giveWilberg38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
What Shall We Name Him? Snyder39King Edward Choir (Barrie)
What Sweeter MusicBENNETT, Richard Rodney 30Musicata (Hamilton)
What Sweeter MusicRUTTER, John36Musicata (Hamilton)
What Sweeter Music Rutter89King Edward Choir (Barrie)
What sweeter music (8 p)Rutter, John/Henrick, R.111Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
When Age & Youth UniteRidout, Godfrey77Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
When Christmas Morn is DawningPfust28Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
When David HeardTomkins, Thomas55Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
When David HeardTOMKINS, Thomas25Musicata (Hamilton)
When I survey the wondrous crossMartin37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
When I survey the wondrous crossMozart58Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
When I survey the wondrous crossMallory42Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
When I survey the wondrous crossBevell40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
When I survey the wondrous crossBenson3Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
When Icicles HangRutter, John85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
When Icicles HangRUTTER, John30Musicata (Hamilton)
When I'm Sixty-FourLennon, John and McCartney, Paul54Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
When in our music God is glorified (Brass)Green29Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
When in our music God is glorified (trumpet)Lovelace47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
When Jesus our LordMendelssohn35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
When Jesus, Our LordMendelssohn40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
When the Lord turned againBatten/Buck41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
When the Morning Stars Together (Bells)Scott Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
When the roll Is called up yonderBlack15Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
When the stars fallHatfield34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
When There's a Song in Your Heart McPheeters70King Edward Choir (Barrie)
When to the temple Mary wentEccard40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
When to the temple Mary wentEccard35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
When will he comeBesig34Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
When You Wish Upon a StarRingwald, Roy Arr.68Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Whence is that goodly fragrance?Baker35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Where 'ere you walkHandel12Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Where Riches is EverlastinglyChilcott, Bob60Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Where Shepherds Lately KneltVajda, Schalk55Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Where the stable light shinesRaney47Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Where thou reignestSchubert40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Where'er You Walk Handel16 + 1 SSAKing Edward Choir (Barrie)
Where'er you walk (8 p)Handel, George F73Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
While Shepherds Watched their FlocksTraditional1Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
While shepherds watched their flocksThiman43Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Whistling Gypsy RoverDentato, Johnny (Dee)2Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
White ChristmasBERLIN, Irving26Musicata (Hamilton)
White Christmas choral medley (Mac Huff) (31 p)Berlin, Irving79Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
White Cliffs of Dover, The Durufle24King Edward Choir (Barrie)
White Paternoster, The Walford Davis47King Edward Choir (Barrie)
White Waves on the Water Roberton24King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Who Is At My Window, WhoRUSSELL, Welford3Musicata (Hamilton)
Who is at My Window, Who? Russell70King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Who is She that Ascendeth? Willan6King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Why do the Angels Sing?Carter11Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
WiegenliedBrahms J., arr. M.S. Brown61Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Will Ye No Come Back Again? Sirett87King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Will ye no come back again? (Sirett, Mark) (16 p)Gow, Neil/Nairne74Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Will You Come?Kunz Alfred1Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Wind Beneath My WingsHenley & Silbar, arr A Zamora73Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Windows of the WorldBacharach-David55Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Wings of MorningRutter, John59Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Winter Heavens OpenedHruby18Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Winter Song (Mac Huff) (15p) Bareilles, S / Michaelson,I100Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Winter Wonderland Arnaud/Taylor93King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Wintertide hath passed awayMeek54Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Witches CharmHolman, Derek3Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
With a Song in my HeartRodgers45Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
With a Voice of SingingShaw, Martin11Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
With a voice of singingShaw49Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
With a Voice of Singing Jenning85King Edward Choir (Barrie)
With grateful hearts, we thank youLarsen33Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
With the Help of the SpiritCool13Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Wither's Rocking CarolVAUGHAN WILLIAMS, Ralph30Musicata (Hamilton)
Witness Halloran43King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Witness (10 p)Halloran48Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Wizard of Oz, TheArlen, Harold arr. Wilson, Robert38Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Wonderful ChildRouse35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Wonderful PeaceNordqvist, Gustaf54Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Wondrous LoveShaw-Parker, Arr.61Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Wondrous LoveChristiansen41Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Wood River Kaldor89King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Word of the Father EverlastingBergs, Roger Musicata (Hamilton)
World Beloved:A Blue Grass Mass (84p)Barnett, Carol99Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
World for Christmas (1 full score, 1 piano) (14p)Edenroth, Anders119Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
World, I Cannot Hold Thee Close EnoughBritt, Colin70Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
WorshipShaw38Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Worthy art thou, O LordWillan37Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Worthy is the lambHandel53Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Worthy to be Praised Hogan86King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Would that I were thereFleming50Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Wraggle Taggle Gypsies, O!, The Fleming78King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Writing's On The Wall (Spectre) (Mac Huff) (10p)Smith,Sam/Napier,James160Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Yabban Yamman Lang88King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Yabban Yamman (from mass for many nations) (5 p)Lang, Rupert/Summerville52Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Ye shall dwell in the landStainer32Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Ye that so your Master's willGibbons 35Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Ye Watchers and Ye Holy OnesOldroyd, George39Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Yes LordChoplin5Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Yodlers' Carol, The Caldwell90King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Yon Green and Glittering Tree Ehret94King Edward Choir (Barrie)
You are my OwnColeman, Gerald Patrick65Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
You Can't Stop the Beat (Hairspray) (Ed Lojeski) (16p)Shaiman,M/Wittman,S160Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
You have Put on ChristTaylor-Howell2Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
You must pursue loveYoung14Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
You shall go out with joyHayes45Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
You shall have a songZiegenhais22Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
You'll Never Walk Alone (Mann, Johnny) (8p)Rogers/Hammerstein98Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
You'll Never Walk Alone, from Carousel 1945Rodgers, G., Arr. W. Stickles68Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Your Little OnesSchulz19Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Your Servant I will bePatterson12Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Yuletide fantasyHampshire31Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Yuletide Fantasy Hampshire41King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Yule-tide fires (7 p)Loomer, Diana85Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Yver, vous n'estes qu'un villain! Trois Chansons #3DEBUSSY, Claude9Musicata (Hamilton)
Yver, vous n'estes qu'un villain! Trois Chansons #3DEBUSSY, Claude1Musicata (Hamilton)
Zadok the PriestHandel, G.F.85Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Zadok The PriestHandel69Bel Canto Chorus (Sudbury)
Zadok the PriestHandel Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Zadok the PriestHandel40Rideau Park United Church (Ottawa)
Zadok the Priest Handel78King Edward Choir (Barrie)
ZigeunerliederBrahms, J.83Canadian Centennial Choir (Ottawa)
Zion's Walls Copland90King Edward Choir (Barrie)
Zion's walls (Koponen, Glenn) (11p)Copland, Aaron97Mississauga Festival Choir (Mississauga)
Zum Gali, Gali ar. Pisano78King Edward Choir (Barrie)

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